5 Things That Make TheOneSpy Best spy app for Android and iPhone

As far as the reviews go, Top 10 Mobile Tracking ranks TheOneSpy 9.7 and fully backs the price of the app. While some other remark it to be the best of all the spywares available, with its long lasting and the most advanced features.

Stella Logan gave a review about the app, saying, “This is real monitoring software I personally used it and get info with its broad features of it.”

It can definitely give a clear perspective about the app that how well it can help, as it has got more than 3 million users.

The app is totally legal. While providing the app, we take a written consent that it won’t be used for any illegal purpose and won’t violate any code of conducts.

5 Things That Make TheOneSpy Best spy app for Android and iPhone

Best spy app for Android and iPhone

  1. Cost Factor:

Cost matters in almost all the aspects of life. The price plans presented by TheOneSpy are the most economical and the most suitable spyware app available ever. It has got plans as low as for a month and as much as an annual subscription.

This not just eases the pocket of the user, but even provides budgetary benefits to allow some more room into the life.

The top10mobiletracking.com scores 10 out of 10 in the matter of cost and gives it the title of Fair Price.

  1. Multiple Cell Phones in One Registration:

Once you get yourself registered and get the login and the password for the usability of the app, you are able to monitor not just one cell phone or table, but you can do it for multiple devices. This is how TheOneSpy remains the best in serving the business as it could be used to monitor the devices of almost every employee.

The app is supported over the Android OS, IOS platform and the Black Berry OS.

  1. Variety of Features

The app do has the traditional features, like the call tracking and listening, but it also has some other features apart from the general functionality. The additional features that are offered by TheOneSpy are:

  • Records the calls
  • Precise GPS tracking as well as the Geo-fencing which allows the administrator to learn if the device monitored has left a certain perimeter or is still there
  • The user can take pictures from the targeted device using its camera and can hear the sounds in the surrounding on the device while using the mic of the phone
  • The entire look into the database of the phone, like the data maintained along with the installed applications
  • If the SIM has been changed, or removed, the administrator is notified about this change
  • Social Media monitoring

These are all meant for pure security of your children and to make sure that you get the optimum combination and earn the best revenue at your workplace.

  1. Locating:

Generally some of the other spy apps even provide the feature to provide the location of the person being monitored using the GPS, but the locations so provided aren’t precise points. They are merely nearby points. TheOneSpy hold distinction in providing the most précised and exact location of the device targeted.

The Geo-fencing feature of the app is one of a mystery solver. It enables the administrator or the user to learn about the target that whether that person is within the boundaries specified or has left it. It helps in tracking the movement of children and can help in letting in go into wrong destinations and can help businessmen learn about the early departures of the employee from the workplace.

  1. Customer Service:

The vendors of this awesomely smart spy app not just sale the subscriptions, but they even hold the hands of our customers in all the processes by offering a 24/7 support. They have got the hugest network for the cause of support of their customers. Not only just the online support, but the support is even provided through physical address, virtual structures, E-mail compliance and via phone calls.

The support is even provided over the Social Media Networks to enable the users to reach the tech and support department in no time.

The support is meant to keep the customers tension free. Although the usage of the app is quite smooth and easy but still its vendors provide this service to leave no stone unturned in satisfying our customers.


Bella fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at how to Make Sure Your Kids is Safe on the Internet with TheOneSpy, listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs. Follow her on twitter @bellaryan8901
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