A Collection of Current Immigration Rules for UK Visa

Are you aware of the immigration rules prior applying for visa UK? If not, this article will take you through the current immigration rules laid down for visa UK. These rules are some of the most important pieces of legislation that are used to define UK’s immigration law. These rules are updated on a regular basis and you can find all the changes on the official website of UK government. These rules are defined in various documents.

Let us look at the parts and get the brief information about them as immigration rules.

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Part 1: General provisions with respect to leave to enter or be in UK

Part 2: Persons having desire to enter or remain in UK for visits

Part 3: Persons willing to enter or be in UK for studies

Part 4: Persons having desire to enter or remain in UK as a working holidaymaker or for work experience

Part 5: Persons who are willing to enter or remain in UK  for employment

Part 6: Persons willing to enter or remain in UK as a businessman, writer, composer, investor, or artist

Part 7: Other Categories

Part 8: Family members

Part 9: General grounds for refusing the clearance of entering UK, leave to enter, variation of leave to enter or be in UK

Part 10: Registration with Police

Part 11: Asylum

Part 12: Procedure and rights of appeal

Part 13: Deportation

Part 14: Stateless persons

Part 15: Condition to contain an Academic Technology Approval Scheme clearance certificate

Now let us look at the conditions leading to illegal immigration.

Illegal Immigration

An immigrant is considered to have illegal immigration in UK if:

  • The immigrant enters UK without authority
  • The immigrant enters with false documents
  • The immigrant overstays their visas

Although it is difficult to mention the exact figure of defining how many people are living in UK illegally, yet as per Home Office study was done in March 2005, the population of about 3,10,000 and 5,70,000 were illegal immigrants.

Offenses did for Immigration and types of enforcement actions

Generally, the people removed or deported from UK are not criminals instead immigration offenders. Now the question arises when a candidate is considered immigration offender. The candidates who have overstayed their visa UK or have been found to enter the country illegally are considered immigration offender. Such candidates are generally not deported but are made subject to administrative removal. Even if candidates are removed from UK, they can yet make an application to return back to UK; however, with respect to new immigration rules defined in October 2008. However, a candidate removed or deported from UK cannot apply for visa UK for the period of 1, 5, or 10 years on the basis of the fact whether they voluntarily left or removed.


The legal expulsion of an undesirable alien is known as deportation. In the case of deportation, persons are forced to leave UK and curb them to re-enter UK unless it is revoked. In the case of any breaching of documents, the person is considered as an illegal entrant and shall be subject to deport from visa UK by the government. When the orders for deportation are defined, they are always signed by Home secretary. Presently, these orders are signed by a senior official. In such orders, it is being specified that till when a candidate cannot return UK and the severity of the offence is also laid down. Such deportation orders stay in force until revoked.

Illegal Entry

Following are the types of illegal entrants:

  • Clandestine: Refers to the immigrants who have entered the country by evading the controls.
  • Deception: Refers to the immigrants who have entered by verbal or documentary deception.
  • Seamen deserters: Refers to the immigrants such as crew members, who are subject to various immigration rules as well as procedures.

Remember the laws enforced for immigration for visa UK.

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