List of the Accredited Online Degree Programs In The USA

Online degree programs have become really successful in the past few years. Many colleges have come up with a solution of providing different online degrees to the students who want to attain a professional degree but due to some reason, they cannot attend full-time college. At this step, when the students are unable to study full time, online degree programs provide them a way to achieve their dreams. These online degrees can be completed from home with the help of an internet connection and some other resources. However, not all online degree programs may be good for you; hence, you should opt for the online programs that are approved by DEAC.

Accredited online degree programs in the USA are offered by many universities for different courses, and here you will get the list of those programs.

List of Universities Accredited by DEAC

In the United States of America, the DEAC or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission have listed different colleges who can provide the students with accredited online degree programs.

The list is big but listed below are some of the programs, and for the complete list of the Universities Accredited by DEAC, you can check Wikipedia or can click here to go to Wikipedia.

  • Abraham Lincoln University, Los Angeles
  • Allied American University, Laguna Beach
  • American Business and Technology University
  • American Independent University, California
  • Blackstone Career Institute, Allentown
  • Brighton College, Virginia Beach
  • California Coast University
  • California Southern University
  • Nations University
  • New Charter University
  • New York Institute of Photography
  • Penn Foster College, Scottsdale
  • Southwest University
  • S. Career Institute, Fort Collins
  • University of Management and Technology
  • University of Philosophical Research

These are some of the universities which have been accredited by the DEAC for providing online degrees. For the complete list of the Universities Accredited by DEAC, go to Wikipedia.

Note: The list of online degree programs listed above is taken from WikiPedia.

What is DEAC?

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission or also known as DEAC is a non-profit American national educational accreditation agency that is know for the specialization in the accreditation of distance education programs of study and institutions. They have accredited more than 51% of the universities present all over the USA. The DEAC allows the students to get the best value out of distance education. It was formerly known as the National Home Study Council.

Benefits Of Accredited Online Degree Programs

One of the major advantages of online accredited degrees is the fact that the students can achieve this entirely with the help of an internet-based connection. They will be able to study from their home very easily whenever they want. The internet and the college network will also provide different resources and materials for efficient studies. All the works and assignments will need to be submitted online and the professors or trainers will review them and submit their feedback online as well.

In addition to this, Online degree programs offer a major benefit which is they are much cheaper and convenient to afford than expensive general institutional education. The students will only invest in a good Internet connection and resources for achieving the degree. There is not much to spend on.

So here is everything that you should know about Accredited Online Degree Programs In The USA. Check the complete list of the Universities Accredited by DEAC given above.

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