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Nowadays, businesses are switching to VoIP Phone Solutions from traditional phones due to several reasons including limited features, cost, etc. Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol are many over traditional phones, which some small businesses often overlooked and keep using VoIP as normal phones, as their main aim is to save money than anything else.

Here is a list of some features that must not be overlooked. Every business using VoIP Phone Solutions should use these features.

Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol

Call Routing     

VoIP Phone Solutions allow you to customize call routing according to which calls coming on the VoIP phone system are routed to any number or phone. In fact, the call can be routed based on the caller ID; for example, if you want that calls from a particular number are routed to your cell phone then you simply need to add that particular number in the VoIP Phone and that’s done. Now, when there is call from that number, it will be automatically routed to your cell phone number.

Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol

Call to Voicemail transcription

If you want to keep record of the conversations then Call to Voicemail transcription feature of VoIP Phone Solutions will fulfill your this requirement. VoIP Phone solutions allow you to convert calls to VoiceMail for a particular time period. Converted calls are sent to a specified email ID as .mp3 file, which you can listen anytime. Hence, you are also maintaining records of the conversations. In addition to this, you can configure settings to transcript your voicemail to a message so that you can read the voicemail than listen it.

Custom Music and Messages

One of the best Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol that must not be overlooked is it allows you to set custom messages and music. With custom message, you can greet our customers building a trust by letting them hear a nice custom message. And, with custom music, you can set the music that you want your customers to listen when you put them on hold while resolving their queries or assisting them.

Call Conferencing  

Call conferencing is one such requirement that almost all businesses need. VoIP Phone Solutions make call conferencing much interesting with features like three way calling, call on hold, voicemail transcription, and much more.

Barge and Whisper

It is one of the features of VoIP Phone Solutions that helps managers or quality staff to improve quality. Barge feature allows the quality person to listen a call between an employee and a client without disturbing them. Based on this, he can share his feedback with the employee thereby helping employee to improve quality. On the other hand, whisper feature allows the quality person to share tips with the employees while he is doing a conversation with the client. Whisper feature helps improving the quality during call itself, and the best thing is, the client will have no idea if someone else is giving tips to the employee he is talking with.

These are Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol that VoIP Phone Solutions offer apart from saving money. So, businesses should not overlook the features listed herein above while discussing the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solutions.

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