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“I should be doing digital marketing for my small business. But how do I do? Wish I had some knowledge about SEO? Are there any best resources for learning SEO?”

Yes, if you are a small business owner then you should be doing digital marketing for your business. In the recent years, internet has changed the way business is being done. There is tremendous competition among businesses – big or small to be out there before the customer in the digital space. One of the most important digital marketing activities is Search engine optimization (SEO). Now, how do we go about learning SEO?

Best Resources for Learning SEO

Here is a list of best resources for learning SEO. However, it’s advised to get started with SEO guides which help to give the basic knowledge about SEO before you move ahead to learn the intermediate and advanced levels.

#1: SEO Guides

For a beginner, the innumerable resources to start learning SEO can be over-whelming if not helpful. You wonder which one to pick and what to read. Never mind, let’s make it a little easier for you. Here are 5 hand-picked ones to give you the hang of SEO.

  1. Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz – This SEO guide by is a 10-chapter guide taking you through the concepts like what is SEO; why search engines can’t figure out a website without SEO; can I do SEO for myself and continues through keyword research, myths and misconceptions and measuring and tracking success.
  1. Search Engine Starter Guide by Google – This document by Google which was initially envisaged to cater to the internal teams of Google serves as a comprehensive guide for someone taking initial steps into the field of SEO. The guide extensively covers SEO basics, optimizing content, dealing with crawlers, improving site structure and SEO for mobile phones while it gives the right foundation to develop advanced SEO skills.
  1. SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners by Kissmetrics – Yet another guide that gives you information on SEO in a pretty simple and easy to understand way. This guide covers topics such as how SEO works, research on keywords, creating content and optimizing code.
  1. Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO A 9 chapter guide that takes you through types of search engine success factors, site architecture, HTML code, link building, personalization & search engine rankings, social media & rankings and violations and penalties. They also have Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors to help you gain more visitors from organic search.
  1. SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide by Neil Patel – As the name goes, a simple step-by-step guide that talks about SEO, its definition, industry overview, white hat vs. black hat, on-page & off-page SEO, keywords, architecture and lots of other factors.

#2: Tools

Moz Tools – This SaaS Company based out of Seattle, USA, hosts an online community of more than one million digital marketers across the world and also features the various marketing tools available. This is a great place for anyone keen on learning SEO – from beginners, to intermediate stage and finally to a skilled level, an SEO aspirant can find enough and more resources to satiate his learning needs. In addition to the best practices, industry survey results and webinars, you could get answers to your queries from the large Moz community too.

Open Site Explorer: This tool helps to do research on backlinks, look out for any potentially damaging links, to understand the profile of your link, track it, compare it with your competitors and thereby help in link building opportunities.

Keyword Explorer: This free tool helps you to discover the keywords and also prioritize the best keywords to target. With suggestions on how to target long-tail keywords, access to high quality keywords and metrics-rich analysis you have it all to know about keywords.

MozBar: This all-in-one SEO tool bar compatible with Chrome web browser is another free tool which you could use for your research on the go. It helps you with instant metrics while you are viewing any page.

#3: Free Certification Courses

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, HubSpot markets inbound marketing product with the name HubSpot. A frontrunner driving inbound marketing strategies such as webinars, viral videos, Twitter etc., they conduct various certification programs related to inbound marketing through their online resource for learning – HubSpot Academy.

Certification programs on varied marketing activities such as inbound certification, email marketing, inbound sales and content marketing are free courses. In addition, they do have certification courses for partners and customers too.

Learning SEO

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#4: Blogs on SEO

In addition, vast repositories of blogs are available covering various topics and challenges related to SEO. Marketing specialists and industry experts share their knowledge, experience and tried & tested methods to clarity SEO related doubts.

Moz Blogs – A huge resource of online learning material available in terms of blog posts by industry experts like Rand Fishkin and Dr.Peter Meyers, makes learning SEO more relevant and in tune with the changing times.

HubSpot Blogs – Simple topics such as how to improve organic traffic, how to teach yourself SEO in 30 days are just a few to mention. These blog posts prove to be indeed beneficial to hone one’s SEO skills.

Kissmetrics Blogs – Another invaluable resource for SEO learning covering basics to advanced levels is available for SEO learners.

Search Engine Journal – This is one of the oldest news blogs where articles are contributed by online marketing experts in addition to the in-house team.

Search Engine Land – To keep yourself abreast with the latest news and trends from the search engine industry, this website should be a ‘must’ on your list.

Quick Sprout – Through his simple yet engaging blogs, Neil Patel – entrepreneur, marketer and renowned blogger, provides information on various SEO related challenges. Also, you could find additional list of online resources for learning SEO. – As renowned digital strategist, Robbie Richards, gives valuable information on SEO through his blog posts. His blog posts are based on detailed research conducted by him.

#4: Forums

You could get answers to your queries on various forums where experts, people from the industry and professionals answers the queries. Some of the important forums to engage with are:


Yahoo Answers

Stack Exchange

Warrior Forum

SEO Chat Forums


Well, best resources for learning SEO are available in plenty. But what you need to understand is SEO can be mastered over a period of time. So, it is important you get the basics right because, this is one dynamic field where search engine algorithms keep changing and so do your SEO techniques.

Small Description: To help you learn more about SEO here’re the list of best resources that’ll give access to the core concepts of SEO. Gain knowledge, learn and master SEO to put your business on top of search engine.

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