Browser Issues – Fixing Problems With Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is the latest browser from Microsoft, which is launched to provide better security, catchy interface, and better speed. While Internet Explorer 8 was launched, Microsoft recommended to upgrade the existing version of IE to IE8 because of its better speed and security. Millions of people had done the same but IE8 do not stands at its commitments. What are the issues with IE8?

Actually, Internet Explorer 8 causes many issues related with speed and compatibility. Let us share our personal experience about this browser. After upgrading to IE8, we did not find it too pleasing. We upgraded to IE8 for tabbed browsing, faster speed, and great security but we only get tabbed browsing and security. As far as, speed is concerned, this web browser is slower than other web browsers that we use.

We have Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 installed on our computers. In many cases, IE8 does not open the site completely while other two browsers are capable to open the same websites without any complain. Let us see what can be the main reasons behind the slow performance of the latest web browser launched by Microsoft.

The very first reason can be Browser Help Objects (BHO). These are the objects that we install to make the web browser more useful; some examples of BHO are Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, Stumble Upon Toolbar, etc. Installing BHOs simply increases the burden on the web browser, due to which it starts consuming more memory. Ultimately, this reduces the performance of the web browser.

Another possible reason can be add-ins. We guys often install and configure several add-ins to get the maximum benefit from the web browser. Most of the times, these add-ins do not support the current configuration of the browser and become the reason of its crash. Whereas in most of the cases, the add-ins consumes a lot of browser’s memory, which make the browser slow.

Another possible cause can be due to registry errors. When IE8 is installed on your computer system, its information gets added in Windows registry. Any kind of issues in windows registry regarding IE8 may create several issues for the browser. So, you shall use registry repairing tool to say bye to all such issues. Moreover, you can reset the web browser to original settings.

Resetting the browser means to bring it to original configurations that you get at the time if its installation.

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