How to Convert OLM to PST – An Easiest Process Ever

If you have been switching from Mac to Windows and want to access your emails from Mac to Windows, then you will have to convert OLM to PST. And, if you do not know how to get this conversion done, then keep reading this post to know the best and the easiest process ever.

Explaining OLM and PST

OLM is a file that Outlook for Mac creates on the hard disk to store user’s emails, notes, contacts, and other related data. While PST is a file that Outlook for Windows creates on the hard disk to store user’s emails and related data.

How to Convert OLM to PST

In order to perform OLM to PST conversion, you will be needing an email converter, as without it, you cannot access emails from Mac on Windows.

What OLM to PST Converter Does?

This tool helps you to access emails from Mac on Windows platform without any difficulty. The software takes OLM files as an input, scans the file, and then displays the emails, notes, calendars, contacts, etc. Now, you can select the items that you want to access on Windows. Once the selection is done, you can continue the conversion process.

As soon as the conversion process is done (takes usually a few minutes), you get a PST file, which can be opened directly on Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2010, 2007, and earlier versions.

Where to get OLM to PST Converter?

Listed below are the popular Converters that you may want to download, install, and try before actually making a purchase. These tools are available for free download.

Stellar for OLM to PST Converter
Convert OLM to PST

Kernel for OLM to PST
OLM to PST Conversion
This is how to convert OLM to PST. There is no other solution than downloading and using an OLM to PST Converter so try this solution by getting any of the above tools. You can give them a try for free.

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