Why you need professional Createspace Formatting or Kindle Formatting

A book looks well and make interest in reading (apart from its content) when it is formatted in a perfect manner. If the book has improper paragraph spacing, inconsitency in headings, and table of contents is not perfect, then you may not feel good while reading it. Hence, it is must to have professional createspace formatting or kindle formatting.

Listed below are some of the pointers, which need to be taken care of when you need to format book for createspace or kindle.

  • Book Size
  • Book Margins
  • Headers and footers
  • Page numbering
  • Table of content
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Hyphenation
  • Dropcap
  • And, like this there are many other pointers

Createspace Formatting and Kindle Formatting

These are the pointers to format book for createspace. Let us pointers to format Kindle ebook:

  • Text size
  • Flow of text
  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Images are placed inline
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Page breaks

How to Format Book for Createspace or Kindle Professionally

To get professional createspace formatting, it is must Format Book for Createspace or Kindle using Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. However, you need advanced skills to get the professional results. If you lack expertise then you are in need to contact a professional.

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