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Docsmore –Simplifying Document Management, Collaboration, and Interaction

Docsmore is a cloud-based platform that simplifies document management while providing you an easy way to interact with your customers and collaborate with them. With Docsmore, you can manage all your documents and forms from anywhere using any device and operating system.

Upload a document in .doc format, a .pdf format or any other format you want. Access the uploaded document from anywhere and at any time without being worried about the security of your documents. Docsmore is not just limiting you to storing your documents at a central repository, which is accessible all the time using any device, but also it lets you create digital forms your documents to accept required information from the users online such as user name, email ID, phone number, photos, signatures, etc.

With several features and flexibility to streamline and manage the documents management, Docsmore is secure in the cloud, using high-end security parameters.

Let’s have a look at the features of Docsmore that make it a perfect platform for document management, interaction, and collaboration.


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Easy and interactive interface

Use this simple but highly interactive platform to upload your documents in a central repository, which is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Convert your documents uploaded in a Word or PDF format in a form and share with your audience online securely.

Simplified Data Collection and Reporting

Data collection has been simplified and made fast with Docsmore. Build a form using a document uploaded and share it to the users online for information collection. The collected data for each field in the form is saved on the cloud, which can be accessed and analyzed using the Docsmore’s reporting feature.

Seamless Integration

With an easy integration system, you can make it a part of your existing application or website as it has always been there. Keep using your applications or website while powering them with Docsmore. Import your existing documents in Docsmore without losing even a single property.

Easy Collaboration

Docsmore is not just a document sharing and form building platform. Use it to establish collaboration among team members. Work in real-time with the other users to edit, complete, and sign the documents without any delay. Save your time and resources.

Easy Document Archive

Docsmore makes document archiving process simpler and faster. You can anytime access any of your documents within a few clicks rather than digging through the piles of emails and attachments.

Find Documents

Need an older document to edit or share? No need to look further. Docsmore’s search and reporting feature helps you quickly find an older document; thereby, saves your precious time.


With the implementation of the 256-bit encryption, Docsmore ensures that all your documents, forms, and e-signature transactions are completely secure. There is also an option to include the client IP address, date, and time into the e-signature as well to further enhance the security.

Real-time tracking

Get an update on the status of your documents in real-time. Share your documents with users online and track the status of every shared document in real-time through instant notifications every time the user opens a document, makes some changes, and closes the documents.

Mobile friendly and responsive

Enjoy the full access to the dashboard from anywhere and using any device. It is completely responsive and mobile friendly. Login to your account on a mobile browser and access the dashboard, documents, and reports to experience the same features that are in the desktop version of Docsmore.

Supports Multiple Devices, Browsers, and Operating Systems

The concept of access anywhere, anytime, and on any device has been implemented, making it possible for you to work as per your convenience. Be it Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, Docsmore supports all browsers. Also, it supports Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and other browsers.

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