Download video for free quickly

Are you one of those who want to download video for free from youtube, metacafe, and other such sites? You want to download video but do not want to spend money on buying costly software for it.

No more worries, today, I tell you a solution to download video for free from any video site you want.

How to Download Video for Free

You only need to perform the following steps to download video for free at your computer’s hard disk from your favorite website:

Step 1: Open a web browser and access this website

Step 2: Now, open another web browser and access the video site from where you want to download video for free.

Step 3: When Video site is opened, copy the URL of the video you want to download and go this website.

Step 4: In the website, select the or download it from option and paste the link in the field next to the option.

Step 5: Select the Input format if you want else skip it.

Step 6: Select the Output format in the Output drop-down list. You can select MPEG, MP4 etc. depending on the input format.

Step 7: Click the Convert button.

When you click the Convert button, the process to download video for free will start.

Download video for free

Depending on the size of the input file and speed of the Internet at your end, the time may vary, but the result will be good. Once the process is finished, you will see a link to save the file on your computer’s hard disk. This way you can download video for free from youtube, metacafe, etc.

I hope you will be enjoying this free way to download video from your favorite site. Shall I expect a feedback on this method to download video for free? If yes, kindly write your feedback in the Comment Box below. Have the videos in your pocket now by moving them from PC to Smartphone via BlueTooth or memory card.

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