Is it really important to have fast servers for an E commerce website?

Do you have worried about the declining traffic of your e commerce website? Your numbers are dropping continuously especially your repeat customers and also visitors. No one shows interests in buying your products, and it made a loss for you. It may be a great concern.

Why it important to have fast servers for an E commerce website?

If you are running an e commerce website, your site must be accessible to customers for 24 hours a day. You have a group of regular viewers and customers which mean you have a steady stream of visitors to your site every day and a high search engine ranking. They regularly view for your site, buy from there and also ask for queries.

Your site’s success depends very much on page load speed. People would not wait for your slow site to load .It is not possible for them as because there is always a lot of other links in the search results of them. The other site may give them exactly what they are searching which is much faster than what your e commerce website can offer.

A faster server for your web site means a better customer experience. Where as a slow website will lead to a poor user experience. Your bounce rate will increase and as a result page views for your site will drop. This means your e-commerce website gets a lesser search engine ranking which is surely not acceptable to you. Every one is running for the higher search engine ranking in the internet. Lesser search engine ranking means a great loss in revenue.

In other words fast load time gives you higher rankings in the search engine because page speed is a ranking factor in Google algorithm. Also the other leading search engine also follows this method .And higher rankings lead to more traffic to your e-commerce website. More traffic you get for your e commerce website gives you more profit and business.

According to the internet experts if you have one second delay in loading your e commerce website it results in 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Many things in your website may result for slow loading widget or plug-in overload, too many ads, bloated images etc. If you want to speed up your page you may minimize this issues.

So, after reading this topic you must realize that how much fast server is important for your e commerce website.

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