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Today, Gmail has been using by almost every Internet user for email communication across the globe. In countries, like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Canada, and so on, Gmail is also used by professionals to stay in touch with friends, business partners, colleagues, and family members. Though, using Gmail offers the best email communication features for free, many of its users feel that it is lacking one of the important features.

Yes, Gmail is lacking an important feature and that feature is email scheduling – a process to send email later on at some specific date and time. Scheduling emails offer several benefits especially to those who are very busy in their life and rarely get time for writing emails to friends and family members. Let us see how email scheduling is beneficial:

  • Using email scheduling, we can write emails to send birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, to our loved ones in advance. We do not know, if we will get time to write an email to wish them at required date/time; therefore, by scheduling emails (whenever we have time) we can be in touch with our loved ones.
  • It is beneficial for email marketing professionals, as they can schedule emails to send them to people of different time zones.

Whereas scheduling emails offer lots of benefits, Gmail is missing this feature. May be in near future, Gmail will be having this feature but today (20 April 2011) it is missing. However, there is no need to worry about this because Boomerang for Gmail – a Gmail email scheduler has already been designed to help you schedule Gmail email.

Using this small add-in, any of the Gmail users can schedule emails to send them later on as per his/her convenience. Now, scheduling emails in Gmail will no more be a dream, as Boomerang for Gmail – a Gmail email scheduler has made this dream true. But, there is a limitation with this add-in too i.e. It can only be installed on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

This utility to schedule an email in Gmail supports Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and later versions and Google Chrome 5 and later versions. Therefore, if you are using Internet Explorer or lower versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (supported versions are mentioned herein above) then you need to meet the browser requirements before using the Boomerang for Gmail – a Gmail email scheduler.

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