Few Facts About Rummy Game to know

Card Games has always been the important part of our lives. Rummy is one such game that has been the played by people of all age group and it gives an enjoyable experience to the players, as it is the most dynamic. And with the advent of the online gaming technology, traditional rummy games are now available to play online. Even you have the latest versions of the 3D rummy games that gives you the super feeling of playing games in virtual.

Though Rummy is legal to play anywhere, but in some countries, it is just an inevitable part of their lifestyle. Say for example, in India, 13 card rummy is almost a part of our culture. But there are more fun facts about the game, and that is great to find out. Will you like to take a look?

Trivia of Rummy

Popularity Meter

Rummy has known as the third-most popular card game and on the web, it is the world’s highest played card games. There was a myth that only the rich could play a game of rummy. But the myth got busted as anyone can now access a game of rummy online.

Origin and Name

The origin of Rummy is a debatable topic ever since it gained popularity. Some of the critics are of the opinion that it has originated from Spanish card game, Conquian. While other holds the opinion that Rummy came from a French variant of Poker. Even in the latest findings we have seen people referring rummy to the Chinese game of Mahjong, played with tiles rather than cards.

The name of Rummy is said to have derived from the phrase Rum Poker. In the UK, “Rum” is a common slang which means peculiar. When this card game was first introduced the word slang signified that the games were a little peculiar. Even it is believed that rummy was played previously for an alcoholic drink, Rum. The rule was simple. When one opponent loses to another he has to buy the next round of drinks for the table.

Game Variations

Well, there are at least 20 versions of the game that are common to every country. And there are more than hundred local versions developed gradually. Some of the common local games include – 500 Rum, Gin Rummy, Indian Rummy, Pope Joan, Robbers’ Rummy, Conquian, Continental, Rumino and more.

Rummy is a Brain Teaser

Rummy requires mental agility to win a round of game. The player needs to remember the cards discarded or picked from the pile thrown by the opponents. Regularly playing a game of rummy will help to develop the ability to remember facts. Even it is found that rummy needs mental dexterity that helps to retain more valuable facts.

Online Rummy is a Game of Quintessence

Rummy is a game of skill and it is important that you understand the rules and have the ability to play it online as well. While playing online you have to play within a given time-frame, along with some additional time, but the time is limited and you cannot increase it ever.

Fun Facts

  • The commonest variation of Rummy in United States is Gin Rummy
  • Rummy has never been played more than a score of 500 points, so there are no real statistics of the longest game ever.
  • Rummy comes with so many variations that two players who have never played before will take about 15 minutes to determine the variants they will like to use in their games.

Signing Off!

Will you like to explore further the exciting world of Rummy, then you have to try a hands on with online 3D rummy games. So want to turn yourself into an avid Rummy player, take a quick tour of the new age of 3D Rummy game.

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