Google Announced the Developer Preview version of Android O

Google on 21st March surprised the developer community by releasing the developer preview of its next updated version of Android, named as Android O. Android O gives stands tall against improving a user’s battery life and interactive performance of the device. A quick addition of the images into the picture support, watching movies or other video clips flawlessly adds extra feathers to the cap. Routine operations like checking email or surfing information from the web will be as smooth as previous versions.

Let’s discuss the features of Android O and see what’s good in it for Android users:

Getting Notification in Android o-

A user will find user-customisable notification channels where alerts are grouped by their types and date of release. The device will have the power to set time for notification-in and notification-out. A User can also snooze the notifications easily on his desire. Messaging style and background color of the notification will be adjustable itself.

Limit of the background-

Previously Google restricted specific application activities while using Android Nougat. But, Android O is free from any such restrictions. It enables the extension of battery life without the user output.

Higher quality autofill Framework-

Usually, a user gets irritated while working on autofill forms for any banks if it does not function properly. However, you will find it easier to log in and input information details with an excellent user-friendly interference, most important point; you won’t find any repetition here.

Features like picture in and picture out-

For video playback, a user will have access to ‘Image in’ and ‘Picture out’ features that will help them to view or watch videos and movies with high definition clarity.

Improved keyboard control-

This new version of Google is not restricted to mobile only, being attached to a physical or virtual keyboard, it will show navigation keys and arrow keys for more user-friendly access.

Better Connectivity Enhancement-

Adding another list to its surprise, it will allow nearby devices to experiment and use its apps over available active wifi connection. Again it will support improved Bluetooth facility for high-quality audio and videos.

Supports multi-display-

It allows the user to move from screen to another activity through its multi-display feature.

Greater storage of cache data-

When the system needs to free up disk space, it will delete data from apps using more than their allocated space quota first. Every app has its space quota for cache data in safe and secure manner.

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