How Google Docs Is Beneficial for Small Organizations

Employees working in an organization often need to share documents (word documents, spreadsheets, presentation files, etc.) with other employees and seniors. Sharing documents is not that the employees look for; they also want that the employees with which the documents are shared, can modify the shared document at their own end. In other words, we can say employees want a cloud-sharing environment so that they can discuss the work done in real time and this is only possible with the help of document sharing tools.

And for this, the organization provides the employees with document sharing tools, which cost a lot of amount to the organization.

How Google Docs Is Beneficial for Small Organizations

Because, the document sharing tools are costly, all organizations cannot afford them. For such organizations, Google Docs works as a boon because of the following reasons:

  • It provides them a cloud-sharing environment for free i.e. the employees can create and share documents with anyone across the globe. Sometimes, you may need to share your work with an employee who is not present in the company. May be the employee has gone to another location for company work. In such case, you can share the document with that employee and allow him to edit the document as well.
  • It provides them a way to create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online without downloading any word editor, spreadsheet creator, or presentation maker on the computer’s hard disk.
  • It allows them to access and edit the shared documents anytime and from anywhere.
  • It provides the 1 GB of free storage to upload data with all functions to manage files. Functions like creating folders, moving a file to trash, downloading files, etc. make it an apt solution to work online.
  • It provides multiple ways to share a document with anyone. For example, you can configure document sharing settings when you upload the document to Google’s server or you can modify the document sharing settings later on depending on your requirements.
  • It provides various security features like you can make the documents public or keep them private to you, if you make the documents public then you can allow / disallow the people to edit the document, you can share the document with a particular user, etc.
  • It allows multiple users to simultaneously access the same document. Moreover, it allows them to modify the same document, which can be a word document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

These features of Google Docs save a big amount of the organizations while offer them the benefits of document sharing in real time.

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