How Much Does It Cost to Have Data Recovered From a Hard Drive

Do you want to know “How Much Does It Cost to Have Data Recovered From a Hard Drive”? Read this post to get an answer.

Data is always important for every computer user being it a student, professional, or home user. For example, a student often creates documents, projects, etc. using various software applications and if the work done becomes inaccessible due to one of the following reasons then the situation is like a hell:

  • Corruption of Windows operating system
  • Virus attack
  • Sudden system shut down
  • Registry corruption
  • Hard disk failure
  • Install / uninstall of software or hardware, etc.

How difficult and dreading it will be for that student to loss notes and projects? Every note or project lost due to any of the afore-listed reasons cannot be recreated soon. Similarly, when a professional comes in the situation of data loss when he is about to deliver the project within coming one or two days, only hard disk data recovery can be a solution for him.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Data Recovered From a Hard Drive

Problem with data recovery is you cannot perform it for free. Depending on what you want to recover, extent of corruption, type of corruption (logical or physical), etc. the amount required to spend for data recovery will vary. For example, you may need to spend significantly fewer amounts in case of logical corruptions but the amount required to recover lost data back after hard disk physical damage is quite more.

In case of logical damage, you have to buy Windows data recovery software or hard drive data recovery software, and rest of the work will be done by the software itself. But, in case of the physical damage of the hard disk, you have to bring the hard disk to the data recovery company where they will charge you depending of extent of corruption and data available on the hard disk.

While using asoftware for data recovery, you have to spend around $25 to $60 to purchase the software but the amount can be double or triple in case of physical hard disk data recovery. However, while buying the software, you are suggested to download the free trial version of any of the Windows data recovery software like Kernel for Windows.

You must evaluate the free trial version to know if the software is worthy for you or no. If the software displays preview of the recovered data and you feel satisfied with that output only then you shall purchase the software.

While buying the software, you should be specific about why you need the data recovery software. For example, if you want to recover lost photos then you should buy Digital media recovery software, if you want to recover iPod data then buy iPod data recovery software, and so on.

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