How are Smartphones helping in managing Healthcare

Back when the glowing star of the smartphone era was on the rise, people always thought that it would be something that you could merely play with and would only exist to help you with basic functions. Now years later, the smartphone is one of the most useful technologies to ever have been invented by mankind. Smartphones these days are not just tools used for connecting people, they are so much more than that. The ability to call and text people is one of the most basic amenities of the phone. Now your phone can help you save time in doing many things such as helping you make payments and order stuff through various apps. You can even keep a check on your health. Telemedicine is on the rise due to its simplicity and convenience in an age where most people don’t have time to visit their medical health professionals. Here are some reasons as to why smartphones are contributing to the ease in management of healthcare.

1-Helping you document your health records

Gone are the days when every doctor’s report and every prescription had to be painstakingly preserved in boxes and boxes of files. In this new era of telehealth medicine, your phone is the one doing all your health tracking for you. You can find a number of apps in the app store or the play store which will allow you to keep a daily record of your health. These apps will let you keep a record of everything from your alcohol consumption to your resting heart rate. Just imagine how easy will it be to present your history to a doctor by simply sending them an email and attaching an automatically generated health report or simply handing them your phone and letting them see how you have been treating yourself. Not only is this incredibly convenient for you and your doctor as you don’t have to lug around files anymore, but this will also help you keep all your important medical information in one place. You can get all your information backed up on a cloud and keep it safe forever!

2-Letting you keep track of your health

There are apps available for everything from testing your vision to checking your pulse. If this benefit of evolving smartphone technology is such a big boon for people in the United States, just imagine how big of an impact it might have in developing countries. In areas where hospitals and clinics are rare, these applications can help people monitor and fix their health issues themselves. Furthermore, these kinds of apps make it easier than ever to help track medications. Now you don’t have to make elaborate timetables to help you remember the timetable of all your medications. Just input your preferences once and the app will give you timely updates about your medicines. You can find a variety of such apps, each one tailored to a specific need on telemedicine platforms.

3-Improving patient-doctor communication

People, especially millennials do not have the time to visit their healthcare professionals every time they feel that there is something wrong with them. Secondly, with the rising costs of everything, people often prefer to put off visits to the doctor until the issue becomes increasingly dire so they can save money. This often results in people ending up with chronic conditions of a disease or injury that could have been managed, if they had they visited a doctor sooner. With healthcare apps that connect doctors and patients virtually, there have been instances where issues were nipped in the bud before they could progress to a dire stage because a patient could just easily get advice from their doctor from the comfort of their home.

4-Saves lives by providing virtual emergency care

Telehealth medicine helps you in ways that make it possible for you to directly contact your doctor every time you feel that there is something wrong with your body so that your only source of information is not a website that gives you the worst possible outcome. These apps can help save countless lives by having the doctor guide the patient about emergency medicine. Downloading this app also gives you the opportunity to connect to your doctors at a time that you desire. This saves you time and money.

Apps like these hold a different sort of meaning for every person. For a millennial balancing work and studying, it’s a way to ensure that he keeps his blood sugar in check and gets to chat with his doctor monthly to ensure that he does not end up in the ER again. For the old retiree, it’s a lifesaver that reminds her about taking her heart medication daily. For the man injured in a car crash, it lets his doctor know that he’s allergic to penicillin and would like for his organs to be donated if he goes into a vegetative state. While the needs may be different, the main point is that apps like these are a blessing for all.

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