How to Backup PST Files

For an Outlook user, Personal Storage Table (PST) file is very important. MS Outlook stores emails, notes, contacts, and other related information in PST file. Therefore, the backup of the Outlook.pst file must be maintained on regular basis to deal with data loss, which you may anytime need to face due to PST corruption. And, considering the importance of Outlook PST, here, I tell you “How to Backup PST Files.”

When you need to use backup

The Outlook PST can be corrupted due to so many reasons including both logical and physical reasons. Once the PST is damaged, Outlook cannot access emails, contacts, etc. from the file and ultimately leaves you blank handed. But, if you will be having backup, you do not need to face data loss. Just by restoring the backup, you can get all of your emails, notes, contacts, etc. back in your hand.

How to Backup PST Files

This blog post provides information about the process of maintaining backup of the PST. You can create backup of the PST file in following ways:

  • Manual Backup
  • Using Backup Utility

How to Backup PST Files with Manual Backup

During the manual backup, you copy the Outlook PST and paste the copied file(s) at the destined location. However, for that you must know the location of PST in your computer system. Following steps help you to locate the PST file:

1. Start MS Outlook.

2. Select Options in the Tools menu.

3. Select the Mail Setup tab.

4. Click the Data Files button.

5. Copy the location of PST and paste into Windows Explorer.

How to Backup PST Files Using Backup Utility

There are so many utilities available in the market that you can use to backup of Outlook PST file(s). You can find such utilities through Google search. Microsoft also provides a backup utility that gets automatically installed in your computer system with Windows operating system.

It is recommended to use the Microsoft backup utility rather than spending money on any other backup utility. Following steps help you to create backup of Outlook PST file(s) using Windows backup tool:

1. Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup.

2. Click the Next button.

3. Select the Backup files and settings option and click the Next button.

4. Select the Let me choose what to back up option and click the Next button.

5. Select the PST file and click the Next button.

6. Browse a location to save the backup file.

7. Type a name for the backup file.

8. Click the Next button.

9. Click the Finish button. The backup process starts.

After the backup process completes, a.bkf file will be created at the destined location, which can be restored later to get back the Outlook PST file. This is How to Backup PST Files.

Whereas I described the process of creating backup of Outlook PST file, it may happen that when you try to open that PST with Outlook, it is corrupt. If you see any such issue, then will be needing an Outlook PST Repair, like the one given below. Use Outlook PST repair tool to fix the corrupt PST and get data back from it. You can click the image given below to download Outlook PST Repair for free.

How to Backup PST Files

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