How to Convert InDesign to PSD with Layers

InDesign is a great tool for creating magazine layout, brochure layout, book cover layout, etc. However, there can be times when you need to convert InDesign to PSD with layers so that you can edit text, replace objects, and perform other tasks in Adobe Photoshop. Now, the problem comes here because there is no direct option to convert InDesign to PSD. Moreover, you may not find an application available for this job as well. In this situation, what can be done so that indesign file can be made editable in Photoshop.

How to Convert InDesign to PSD with layers

As stated earlier, there is no direct option to save an InDesign file to PSD, you cannot just do this task in a straight forward way. You will either be needing a software, which is not easy to find as well. Or, the second and most probably the last and the best option is hiring an expert who knows how to convert Indd file to PSD file with layers so that you can edit it in photoshop.

convert InDesign to PSD

Finding a professional might be much easier than striking your head hard searching the internet for a solution. And, the best thing is you may not find it much costlier as well because it is just a conversion tool. You can get the job done in just a few bucks, which is not a hard deal if you could save your previous time.

Here are the steps to find a professional who can make the job done:

Click here and you are done.

When you click the link, you will see the profile of an expert who will be happy to assist you for a few bucks. All you need to do is provide him with the InDesign file and he will give you PSD back.

This is how to convert InDesign to PSD. Hope you would have liked the post. Please share your feedback and also share it to your social networks.

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