How to Create a Word Document in Word 2007

If you want to know “How to Create a Word Document in Word 2007” then read this post up to the end. This post will tell you a step by step process of creating a Word Document in 2007. Before I tell you the process, let us have a brief introduction to Microsoft Word.

Introduction to Microsoft Word.

MS Word is the largest selling Word editor developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Using this Word editor is comparatively easier and faster than other Word editors available in the market. It allows completing almost every task related to Word editing, document creation, and document management.

MS Word can be used to create letter head, documents, mail merge, arrange content for books, etc. It provides various options to make the documents looks well arranged. For example, you can specify different font style and size for different headings, insert images, insert hyperlinks, give numberings to the points, apply watermark, and perform various other tasks.

How to Create a Word Document in Word 2007

Creating a Word document in MS Word is very easy. You just have to execute the following steps:

Step 1: Start MS Word using All Programs menu or using its desktop shortcut.

Step 2: Select Microsoft Office button at the top left corner and then click New. The “New Document” dialog box appears.

Step 3: Now, depending on what kind of document you want to create, select an option in the left panel. For example, if you want to create company brochure then select “Brochures” in the left panel, to create an invoice select “Invoices,” and so on.

Step 4: However, if you do not want to proceed with any predefined format, then select the “Blank Document” in the “Blank and Recent” section and click the Create button.

Step 5: Your Word document is created. Now, the very first task that you shall do is saving Word document. Saving the document is suggested because if you start working on it without saving then sudden closing of MS Word will lead into data loss, which cannot be recovered. In that case, you have to recollect the lost data once again, which will be the wastage of time.

Step 6: To save the document, click the Microsoft Office button and click the Save option. The “Save As” dialog box appears.

Step 7: Specify a name to the document beside the File Name field.

Step 8: Select a document type in the Save as Type field.

Step 9: Select a location to save the document. Always save the document at hard disk partition where operating system is not installed. This is because if any sort of issue will occur with Windows OS then your documents will be safe and recoverable.

Step 9: Click the Save button.

This is How to Create a Word Document in Word 2007. I hope the process is helpful. If yes, then please share your feedback.

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