How to Edit Text in InDesign – A Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

If you want to know a step by step process of How to Edit Text in InDesign then you will find this post helpful. In this post, I tell you how to edit text in InDesign with screenshots for your easy and quick understanding.

How to Edit Text in InDesign

Making changes in text in an InDesign file is an easy process. If you know how to use a text editor like Notepad or an advanced one like Microsoft Word then it will be much easier for you to edit text in InDesign. You just need to know how to access and use the Text tool using which you can edit text in InDesign.

Perform the below steps and you will be able to edit text in InDesign:

Step 1: Open the InDesign file in which you want to edit text.

Step 2: Select the Text tool in the Tool Bar. Text tool looks like a T symbol.

Step 3: Click in the Text box in which you want to edit text and you are ready to edit text in InDesign.

Note: Text box appears with an outline on all corners, as shown in below screenshot, which has 3 text boxes:

 How to Edit Text in InDesign

Step 3: Make changes in the text as per your requirements. You can add, edit, or delete text. You can make changes as you do in a text editor like Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc. There is nothing new in InDesign except you need to select the Text box and then Text tool to make changes in the text.

Step 4: Once you are done with making changes in the text, save the file by pressing CTRL + S or through the File > Save or File > Save As menu.

This is how to edit text in InDesign. I hope this post will be helpful for you. If yes please share your feedback and let your friends take advantage of this tutorial.

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