How to Identify Fake Online Profiles on Social Media

How to Identify Fake Online Profiles is a question whose answer is not too easy if profiles are well maintained. That is part of the trick because if you have a lot of profiles then most of them are going to be fake, but if you maintain them well then it is almost as if a real user is powering the content. It is sometimes hard to tell if a profile is fake online, because you have to monitor people to see if they are active users, and there are plenty of people who have a profile and yet do not use it often.

A side note:

Not every reason on here is an indicator of a fake profile, so after each pointer you will see reasons why the profile may still be legitimate.

How to Identify Fake Online Profiles on Social Media

How to Identify Fake Online Profiles

A distinct lack of photos 

People with social media tend to add a lot of photos onto their profiles. This is now even more prevalent because of social media and mobile phones joining forces so well, so people are uploading images of where they are and what they are doing right now.

There may also be a lack of photos because one member is claiming to be disabled when he or she is not, or that person may have a very jealous partner. Or, it could just be that the person is not very interested in social media.

A lack of geo tagging 

It is possible to have your location tagged on a map or pinged on a map. This sort of thing happens quite often and may be a good indicator that the profile is active and is being used by a real person.

A lack of such things may simply be that the user does not have geo tagging or cannot be bothered to announce his or her location.

A poorly filled out bio

It may be poorly filled out because it is short, or because it is bland and generic. It often reads like an indistinct collection of words to simply fill up space. It will look a little like those testimonials you read online that are actually written by the company they are supporting.

On some occasions people cannot be bothered to write out their bio correctly, but in those cases it will look as if they cannot be bothered instead of writing out chunks of pointless text to fill space. This is one of the strongest ways to get answer to “How to Identify Fake Online Profiles on Social Media.”

A routine posting time 

This happens because the person with the fake profile logs in every day in order to post something or use the social media profile. It means that posts and “likes” only seem to happen once or twice per day.

This sort of thing may also happen if a post scheduling tool is being used, and a lot of fake profiles have scheduled posting tools, which make them post at the same time every day. Even if they do not post at the same time every day, you will still notice a consistency where one post or two posts per day happen every day in an almost robotic fashion.

Why this may happen otherwise is only usually because the user wants to use the profile for some sort of business use and so is using it robotically, but even then it is still more likely to be fake than a true social media profile for that person.

A fake picture 

This happens all the time. In fact, there are dating sites around the world that use fake profiles to talk to people of the opposite sex. The trick is to charge people for using the dating site, and then setting up some fake profiles with images taken off of Facebook. The fake profiles talk to the other users so that the paying users feel as if they are getting something for their money.

A fake picture is often used from Google images or Facebook. The trouble is that it is really hard to tell if the picture is truly that of the person on the profile. If what you are looking at is a social media picture, then be wary of corporate looking pictures. They are often indexed by Google images from business websites and people steal them to put as their profile pictures. They often have a clear or a blue screen behind and may be fake.

They may not be fake if the person is the type to put a corporate picture up on a dating site or social media site, but it takes all kinds in this world. Still, knowing if the person on the photo is the real person is very difficult.

These are a few ways to consider if you want to know How to Identify Fake Online Profiles on Social Media.

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