How to Import Contacts in Outlook

If you want to know “How to Import Contacts in Outlook from CSV” then read this post carefully. This post tells you a step by step process of importing contacts in Outlook.

How to Import Contacts in Outlook

To import contacts from CSV file saved on your computer system, pen drive, or any other storage media, execute the following steps:

Step 1: Start Microsoft Outlook from the Windows Start menu.

Step 2: Select the Import and Export option. The Import and Export Wizard opens up.

Step 3: Select the Import from another program or file option and click the Next button. The Import a file page appears.

Step 4: Select a file type from which you want to import contacts to save into the address book of your Outlook profile.

Step 5: After selecting a file type, click the Next button. I am selecting the Comma Separated Values (Windows) file type. The File to import dialog box appears.

Step 6: Click the Browse button to select the file that you want to import. The Browse dialog box appears.

Step 7: Select the.csv file from which you want to import the contacts and click the OK button.

Step 8: Select an appropriate option to pioneer the software to take an action when find duplicate contacts.

Step 9: After selecting the option, click the Next button. The Select destination folder page appears.

Step 10: Select the Contacts folder from the list of given folders under the required mailbox.

Step 11: Click the Next button after you finish selecting the Contacts folder. The Following actions will be performed page appears.

Step 12: Click the Map Custom Fields button to specify the address fields that you want to import.

Step 13: Click the Change Destination button to modify the folder that you have selected to import the contacts. You should click the Change Destination button if you think that you have chosen the wrong folder.

Step 14: Click the Finish button to complete importing contacts from the selected.csv file into the address book of your Outlook account.

The software starts importing contacts from the selected file. After the process of importing contacts is completed, you can view the imported contacts into the address book of your Outlook. This is how to import contacts in Outlook from CSV file. I hope this post is a help.

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