How to improve battery life of Android mobiles and tablets

Android based mobile phones and tablets are leading the market due to so many reasons. However, when it comes to battery life some of the phones and tablets do not fit well, and they need something that can help improve battery life. If you are one such user who wants an answer for how to improve battery life of android mobiles then here I tell you a solution based on my real life experience.

Note: I am not going to tell you any tips but I will tell you about an application that one of my friends, who is a good player of Android devices, told me.

How to improve battery life of android mobiles and tablets

One day when we were having a discussion in Whatsapp, one of our friends asked us for help about android battery life. And, then my friend Dr. Ramesh Yadav suggested this app, which is named Juice Defender.

What is Juice Defender?

Juice Defender is an app for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets, which if installed and configured then optimizes the device’s battery consumption based on the customization you have done in it. Once you have installed Juice Defender, it asks you to customize its settings so that it can optimize the battery consumption. It comes with many built-in customization options so you can select anyone of them as per your needs. I selected the Balanced option and is doing good for me.

 how to improve battery life of Android Mobiles

How Juice Defender is an answer to How to improve battery life of Android mobiles and tablets

Based on the settings you have done, the app works on the apps installed in your phone and finds out the app that even consumes the battery when it is idle. The app stops the battery consumption by those apps when your phone is idle and thereby, saves the battery.

How to get Juice Defender

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Type Juice Defender in the search bar and click the search icon

Step 3: You will see Juice Defender app. Install it. It is free.

Step 4: Once installed, customize it using one of the options and enjoy.

This is how to improve battery life of Android Mobiles and Tablets. For me, it is working in a great manner. Try it and share your feedback here.

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