How to Make WordPress Blog Spam Free

If you, being a WordPress blog owner, have been fed up with spamming being done by comment spammers then you must read this post. Here I tell you “how to make wordpress blog spam free.”

In this blog post, I am going to describe a few ways to stop spamming on wordpress blog.

How to Make WordPress Blog Spam Free

In order to make wordpress blog spam free, here are 4 ways that you must consider. Yes, you must have to consider all these ways to make your blog completely spam free.

Configure Comment Settings

Very first task that you should do is configuring comment settings by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Login to your wordpress blog.

Step 2: Now, select Settings > Discussion. You will see Discussions Settings page as below:

Make WordPress Blog Spam Free

Step 3: Select Comment author must fill out name and e-mail  check box.

Step 4:  Select Users must be registered and logged in to comment  check box. It is must because many people do not post on the blogs that ask for registration and login.

Step 5: Select Comment must be manually approved.

Step 6: Clear Comment author must have a previously approved check box.

Step 7: If you think that people are spamming your blog from a particular IP, website, category, etc. then enter them into the Comment Blacklist box.

Step 8: Click Save Settings button.

Always moderate comments

Next step to make wordpress blog spam free is “Moderating Comments.” Though, you have configured comment settings at the best, you cannot be assured that your blog is now spam free. Now, it is the time to manually moderate each comment.

When moderating comments, look at the following aspects:

  • Is the comment written as per the content of the post? A genuine comment is always related to the content of the blog post.
  • Check the user name of the comment. If it is not a real name or if it is the name of a product like cheap xxxxxxxx services, best xxxxxxx website, or something like that, then simply delete that comment as it is a spam
  • Only approve the comments that look genuine when you read them.

Mark Spam

Third way to make wordpress blog spam free is marking useless comments SPAM. WordPress provides you option to mark comments as SPAM, which you think are useless and are posted by spammers. When you mark a blog comment as SPAM then the spammer cannot use that email ID again to post comment on your blog.

Use Image than Alpha-numeric Captcha Plugin

Fourth way to make wordpress blog spam free is using “An Image Captcha Plugin” than Alpha-numeric Captcha Plugin. There is a reason behind this and that reason is “Many spammers use automated tools to post comments and those automated tools can read and break alpha numeric captcha; hence, you cannot make your blog spam free. So, using an Image Captcha Plugin is the best one. When you use Image Captcha Plugin then the user will have to manually identify the matching image or something like that depending upon the plugin you are using.

Sweetcaptcha is one such plugin that you can use to make wordpress blog spam free. I hope my post has been helpful. If yes then kindly leave your feedback.

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