How to Password Protect Word Documents

Experts suggest users of Microsoft Words to “Password Protect Word Document” so that no body can make changes in the document without knowing the password. But, unfortunately, most of the users of MS Word do not know the process of protecting word document.

In this post, I tell those users an easiest process to “Password Protect Word Document.” After reading this article, anyone be it a newbie or a professional Word user, will be able to password protect word document.

How to Password Protect Word Documents

Execute the following steps to apply password on a word document:

Step 1: Start MS Word 2007 using Windows Start > All Programs menu.

Step 2: Select the Microsoft Office button > Open. The “Open” dialog box will appear.

Step 3: Select the document that you want to protect and click the Open button. The document will be opened.

Step 4: Select the Review tab and click the Protect Document option in the Protect group. A dialog box allowing you to protect word documents appear in the right side of MS Word. MS Word not only allows you to protect word document by applying password to it but you can also make it Read-Only so that no one can make changes to it. Moreover, you can apply formatting restrictions to various styles available in the document.

Step 5: Select the “Limit formatting to a selection of styles” check box if you want to protect word document from formatting alterations. Then, click the Settings… link. The “Formatting Restrictions” dialog box will appear.

Step 6: Select the styles that you want to protect from modifications and click the OK button.

Step 7: Now, select the “Allow only this type of editing in the document:” check box and then select the “No changes (Read only)” option.

Step 8: Now, click the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button. The “Start Enforcing Protection” dialog box appears to let you password protect word 2007.

Step 9: Specify a desired password.

Step 10: Confirm the password and then click the OK button. As soon as you will click the OK button, you will not be able to edit the document.

To verify if the document is protected with password or not, try making some changes in the document. You will be unable to modify the document. To make changes in the document, you have to provide the document password. One the password is provided, you will be able to make relevant changes in the document. Keep enjoying MS Word without letting anyone to put your work in danger.

This is how to password protect Word documents. I hope this article is a help. If yes, share your feedback and share this to your networks.

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