How to Reduce Size of Word Document

If you have a large word document whose size you want to reduce then here I show the exact process using which you will be able to reduce size of word document to a considerable impact. Here I tell you how to reduce size of word document. However, the final size will depend upon if you have embedded images in the document, number of the images and size of the images embedded, etc.

Today, I received a Word Document from a Client (I do provide Ebook Conversion Services) for conversion into Kindle. Size of that Word Document was 320 MB plus and I know working on a big sized document is like a hell because I am fond of saving my work after every few seconds and the large document may take a lot time everytime.

Anyways, I could reduce the size of that 320 MB document to 6 MB and now using it in an effective way. Let me tell you how I did that.

Note: The process described herein below shall work on all versions of Microsoft Word Documents.

How to Reduce Size of Word Document

Follow the below steps to reduce size of Word Document

Step 1: Open the word document whose size you want to reduce.

Step 2: Select File > Save As. You will see the Save As dialog box. Here give a new name to the Word Doc.

Step 3: Now, click Down Arrow next to Tools button and select Compress Pictures, as shown in below image:

How to Reduce Size of Word Document

Step 4: You will not see a dialog box in which you have to select image resolution. Based on the seleceted image resolution, size of the Word Document will be reduced. Hence, select 96 dpi and click OK.

Step 5: Word is now reducing the size of the Word document.

The process will take a few moments depending upon the current size and number of images used in the document. This is how to reduce size of word document. I hope you now have an answer of the question how to reduce size of word document.  If yes, please share this post to your social buddies.

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