How to Remove all Index Entries from a Word Document

When it comes to remove index entries from a Word document, you may feel restless because selecting and removing 100s of Index entries one by one is a tiresome job. Today, I will tell you a quick fix using which you can remove all Index entries from a Word Document within a few seconds.

How to Remove All Index Entries from a Word Document

To remove all index entries from a word document, perform the below simple steps:

Step 1: Open the word document from which you want to remove Index entries.

Step 2: Press CTRL + F on your Keyboard.

Step 3: Type ^dXE or ^d XE in the Find field.

Step 4: Now select the Replace tab and keep the Replace field empty.

Step 5: Click the Replace All button.

When you click the Replace All button, all Index entries will be removed. Just look at Step 3. I have given two commands there. It may happen that the first command does not work (due to spacing issue). In this case, try the second command.

If it works for you, kindly leave your feedback in the comment box below and let other readers know that how to remove all index entries from a word document.

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