How to use Boomerang for Gmail for an Easy Email Management

The wait to schedule Gmail email has been over. Yes, now Gmail users will be able to schedule emails to send them at scheduled date and time, as per their convenience. Though, Gmail does not have any embedded option for email scheduling, you can still schedule Gmail emails using the Gmail email scheduler.

Boomerang for Gmail is a third party Gmail email scheduler that helps you schedule emails in Gmail. Once it is installed, you can use it to send emails in future at specific date and time. To know more about Boomerang for Gmail – the Gmail email scheduler, click here. Let us move ahead to use Boomerang for Gmail.

Boomerang for Gmail

Listed below are the steps that will help you schedule Gmail email:

  1. First, you need to download and install Boomerang for Gmail on your Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later / Google Chrome 5.0 version.
  2. You can get the tool from
  3. After downloading and installing the tool, log into your Gmail account. When you log into the account, you see a small icon of Boomerang at the top.
  4. Click this icon to give access permission to Boomerang to schedule emails. Until you do not give it the access permission for your Gmail account, it cannot schedule emails for you. If you are concerned about the security of your emails, then you must read the privacy statements given at the software website –
  5. When you click the Boomerang icon.
  6. Click the Allow button to move ahead.
  7. Now, go back to your Gmail account and click the Compose button to create an email.
  8. After you have composed the email, click the Save Now button.
  9. After that click the Send Later button beside the Save Now button and select a time slot as per your convenience.
  10. If you want to hear back when the email is sent, select the “Boomerang this message >specify days> after sending field.
  11. Message is scheduled to be delivered later. Boomerang for Gmail – the Gmail email scheduler also allows you to manage the scheduled emails.
  12. To view and manage the scheduled emails, click the Boomerang-Outbox in the left panel, which appears as shown below:

You can also manage the scheduled emails by clicking the Boomerang icon at the top of your Gmail page. One more thing about this application is it needs access permission for your account to schedule Gmail email. According to the company, they only use the email headers for email scheduling, but if you have any doubt about the information stealing and misuse of your account, then you can anytime uninstall Boomerang for Gmail. And if you are more concerned about your privacy, then do not use this application and wait for Gmail to come with the built-in email scheduling feature.

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