Hubspot API – Advantages, Challenges, and Examples


Hub spot is popularly known all in one marketing software and CRM. It is used by companies on a large scale to attract visitors, convert leads, and turn leads into customers. Hub spot API is built to allow you to create a functioning application quickly and easily, and these API’s are the hotspot that powers the hub spot application. In other words, Hubspot is an inbound marketing software platform for companies seeking for a considerable profit.

Advantages of Hubspot API:

  • When a company is connected to Hubspot’s website platform, then it ensures that your form submission and visitor behavior are automatically added to your database. You can quickly check if your primary traffic was generating from organic Google search results or social media—ideal for seeing if your blogging strategy is excellent or if you need to push your team to share your content more on digital marketing websites.
  • Hubspot landing pages are designed to convert visitors into leads, and by breaking these web pages, you can check what content is generating contact leads and customers. Landing page tool by HubSpot API is beneficial in guiding you to create pages that offer content in exchange for your visitor’s information.
  • HubSpot’s platform is ideally created for business to strike the right balance between streamlined development and customizability. HubSpot offers a unique place for buying templates packs. Getting a site up and running with these pre-made templates is easy, so you can get to the more critical work of content creation and lead nurturing.

Challenges using Hubspot API

  • Hubspot API handles a lot of the small detail stuff for you and everything is accessible in one dashboard. It makes life much more comfortable. However, if you’re new to inbound marketing, then you will be surprised to see that at how much work inbound marketing is – partially because this is something many marketers don’t speak about. Content creation may take some time and energy, but it also builds a long-term sustainable marketing platform for your business.
  • Costly: HubSpot API is not cheap and worth the price when you use it to its full capacity and get a positive ROI. HubSpot offers a bunch of low-cost solutions, but they are limited compared to the complete HubSpot platform.
  • Over Flexibility: HubSpot is designed by keeping in mind the usability with inbound marketing strategies. Hotspot market is sturdy and easy to use when it comes to inbound marketing tasks. If you are thinking of using Hotspot for functions that aren’t built you will end up frustrated.


  • CRM Extensions: CRM extensions allows you to use Hubspot UI spiking your usage and saving users time. With the use of CRM extensions, you can dynamically insert data in a card in CRM sidebar for users and also create a window accessing to your software.
  • Timeline API:   Contact Database remains at the center of the HubSpot and Timeline API give you access to write contract timeline and also allows to add your customized events to Hubspot records. Data Created then becomes a signal in Hubspot helps in building lists, emails and much more.


How to integrate Hubspot on Website?

HubSpot has well defined Set of API’s to integrate with any system. However, to build a custom Integration with HubSpot is a time taking and complicated process. That’s why you can choose a different way to integrate your site with HubSpot.

HubSpot has many integration partners who provide integration solutions. You can choose one of those partner based on your website technology.

How can I connect my E-commerce store with Hubspot?

There are numerous ways of doing this, depending on the e-commerce system that you use. It can be done via direct integration if the system is supported by Hubspot (Shopify), Zapier (if your system has Zapier API or ability to work with webhooks), Hubspot API direct call – if you use in-house build system you can integrate it with HS APIs.

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