Infographics – Are They Useful or Useless for SEO

Infographics online are big image files. They are supposed to be vertically standing rectangle images that have lots of information on them. They are not supposed to be very “texty” but are supposed to be very visual and a way of helping people understand something quite easily. They are graphic visual representations of information and often help us see patterns in a visual manner. Are they good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Infographics May be not great for SEO but are handy for user engagement

SEO is the work you do to make your website more search engine friendly, and page elements such as images, videos and widgets are often very search engine friendly. However, in terms of SEO, it seems that Infographics take more than they give. An Infographic will take up a full page in many cases (they don’t have to), but a regular image will often appear with others or with text meaning that a smaller image is often more search engine friendly than an entire Infographic.

Infographics are handy for user engagement. If a person is interested in a particular topic then they are likely to look at an Infographic about it. There is also a chance that they are more likely to look at your Infographic rather than read your article about it. Some people prefer the visual way of learning and Infographics help them to do that.


It may be worth putting mid-tail and long-tail keywords in Infographics

There are people having success by putting mid-tail and long-tailed keywords into the Meta tags and title tags of their Infographics. It is hard to get hold of any corroborating evidence, but it is certainly something to consider in the favor of the Infographic.

An Infographic on a page gives little SEO benefit to the page itself

It is just a big image and may only have a small bit of information attached to it (ALT text, title tags, etc). It is not really very search-engine friendly because of its size and the fact that the search engines cannot read the text on the Infographic.

You can get links from Infographics directories/galleries

This is one of the reasons why you may want Infographics in your backlink campaign. At least Infographic directories and galleries are exclusive communities from which there are no other ways of getting backlinks. These are websites that are unlikely to give you backlinks for any other reason than the fact you have an Infographic on your website or blog. Still, these websites are not the most popular on the Internet.

Less written web content appears on your website

If you use an Infographic instead of where about a subject/data, then less written content will be on your website. An Infographic gives out information that a longer article may have given, and articles are far more search engine friendly than Infographics. However, this is not a very bad thing if you then write the article under the Infographic or even on another page. So, this point is only valid if you use an Infographic and nothing else.

They can generate interest for your website resulting in organic backlinks

They are going to stimulate a little bit of interest if people actually get to see it. If it is particularly good and of interest, then people are more likely to link to it than an article. This is mainly because they do not feel as if they are imposing an article (hard work) on their readers when they link to an Infographic because an Infographic is the online version of easy listening radio. You can get the gist of an Infographic within seconds whereas you cannot do that with an article.

Interest in your website is going to stimulate organic SEO, such as social media shares, bookmarking, back linking, article mentions and social media mentions. This means that if you have a particularly good Infographic that captures a lot of people’s interest then you could have a very powerful SEO tool on your website.

They are an easier way of getting image backlinks from other websites

You give them an Infographic instead of a simple image. There are few web masters that are going to be willing to give you a backlink because you gave them a photo to post on their website.

You can share Infographics amongst a great many

If you are marketing with an article then there are only a limited number of people you can get it to unless you post it on social media, which is not going to give you a direct SEO benefit.

But, with an Infographic the search engine cannot read the content, which means you can put it on as many websites as you please and you will not be penalized for duplicate content.

I hope you might have known if “Infographics – Are They Useful or Useless for SEO.”

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