How to Install Outlook 2007

How to Install Outlook 2007? If this is the question you need an answer for then you are at the apt place. Here I tell you a step by step process to install outlook 2007.

MS Outlook helps you communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues through electronic mails i.e. emails. It has been considered the best email client available so far because it not only allows organizations to establish email communication using Exchange server but also allows individuals to setup internet email. However, for that you have to install it.

Installing Outlook 2007 can be simple for those who are experienced in installing software applications. But, those who do not have any experience of installing software applications, for example, who are new to computers, often need to contact a computer guy who charges a big amount for installing a simple software.

This article will help those people in installing Microsoft Outlook 2007 in an easiest manner.

How to install Outlook 2007

After reading this article, everyone will get an answer to the question “How to install Outlook 2007.” Moreover, the one who reads this article will be able to install MS Outlook 2007 on Windows operating system based computer system. Listed below are the steps that will help installing Outlook 2007:

Step 1: Open the folder on your computer system where the setup file of MS Outlook 2007 is available. If it is available in any CD, then insert the CD in to the CD ROM of your computer to access it.

Step 2: Now, double-click the setup file. The “Microsoft Office Outlook 2007” installation wizard appears:

Step3: Enter the product key and then click the Continue button. The “License Agreement” page appears:

Install Outlook 2007
Step 4: Select the “I accept the terms of this agreement” check box and click the Continue button. The “choose the installation you want” page appears:
Install Outlook
Step 5: Click the Install Now button. The “Installation Progress” page appears displaying the percentage of MS Outlook 2007 installation:
Step 6:Now, wait for the installation to be finished. Once the installation is finished the “Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 has been successfully installed” message appears:

Step 7: Click the Close button to exit the installation wizard.

This is how to install Outlook 2007. Now, when Outlook 2007 is installed, you have to configure email account in it. If you are an individual, you can setup an Internet email with Outlook 2007 and if you are a professional working in an organization then you can setup email account using Exchange Server.

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