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Everyone likes to enjoy and play pranks on people. But there should be some gag or prop for the perfect prank to be played. Technology has taken over everything and even gags. The smart phones of this era are a boon to all, as it can do almost everything. There are many applications which have been built for the betterment of the society. At the same time there are applications built for entertainment.

One such application is the color electric screen. This application is easily available on the Android play store which is the open market for downloading Android applications. And, here you can also Download Color Electric Screen App. It is not a huge application and is just 792 KB in size. Like all the other applications this app also needs an update, and the updated version 1.0.2 is available on Play Store. This app is free of cost and can work on Android versions above 2.3.

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Color electric screen

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The color electric screen is an amazing and beautiful application which will entertain the kids, your friends and even your pets. It is great for playing a prank on your near and dear ones. It has multiple lighting colors with stunning electric effects. It has a great buzz sound which grabs your attention in a jiffy. If the phone is being held by the person, the dynamic vibration will give you the electricfeel.

The background of the application is transparent and makes it look quite real. It also has a multi touch option which gives a different feel to the application. The best part of this application is that it is completely free of cost and has no barriers like the ads or even pop up ads.

You can even follow certain tips to enjoy the electric screen for phones.You may open it from the home screen and drag the app icon to the home screen, thereby creating a shortcut. In case if you use live wallpapers on the phone then it will bring even more pleasure to use this color electric screen app.

There are many other applications of similar type available in the Android market. But one should make sure to choose the best application for the smart phone. Many applications are just for the name sake and do not provide any use. This can be checked by going through the specifications and other details mentioned in the app download link or page. These apps are the best for people who are always on the hunt for new pranks. Get Color Electric Screen here and see if it is really as it says.

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