Leveraging Your LinkedIn Network to Boost Your Job Search

Social network platforms increasingly represent a valuable tool for professionals who are looking for job opportunities. Leveraging their social network can help the job candidate to draw the attention of companies trying to get a replacement, and to facilitate access to career opportunities available in the job market. LinkedIn is a major social network geared specifically for the job candidates professional relationship options. LinkedIn helps not only to present your business, but also to find a good job in the dream company. This social network is very useful for students, who just start to look for job after college.

However, it is not enough just to open an account. You need to know how to employ better networking tips and tricks to boost your job search.

Below are some valuable tips for leveraging your LinkedIn network to boost your job search:

Highlight your professional skill

Be sure to fill out the resume and experience sections of your profile. People with at least one work experience have been reported 12 times more likely to have overlooked potential opportunities. Include keywords and phrases that employers can look at in your profile description. Add your skills, and be sure to insert a picture. Photos taken during your profession are more likely to be seen, select a photo with positive facial expression without glasses or headwear. Be sure to get recommendations from at least three people as part of the completion of your profile.

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Start following many companies

The section “Business” then allows firms that are interested in following you back. When you follow a business on LinkedIn, stay abreast of their innovations as new hires, promotions, changes in the company, and even job opportunities. Follow companies that you would love to work for, and you will start to see these updates on your homepage when you access LinkedIn. It helps a lot for an effortless job search in LinkedIn network.

To follow a particular company, click “Business” at the top of the page and type the company name, keyword or industry you are interested. When you find the company, pass the cursor over the option that appears on the right “To follow the company.” Then just click it. While on the company page, you will be able to see if anyone in your network works in the company or if you might know someone there.

Stay active

There are many things you can do on LinkedIn, which will help in finding your new job. You must be proactive using the network to succeed. It is important to build a LinkedIn profile and ensure you are connected to at least 50 people you know and trust. However, if you only visit the site to respond to messages or connection requests, then you are losing all that the network can offer.

Building healthy connections

To be easily identified, network with recruiters and those responsible for hiring in your area, when good opportunities arise on their desks, you need to be fresh in their memory. You can do this through the “Advanced Search People,” click the topic of “recruiter” or HR manager, or other related positions, and you can also restrict the search area.

When you have a contact within the company, you need to do everything to get noticed by your future employer. Send him a cover letter, CV, resume and show your best side. Thereafter you can hope for success and good position in the company.

Inform your contact that you are looking for a job

Tell your trusted contacts on your list that you are in the job search. Let your network be your eyes and ears. Keep in mind that your connections can only help you get a job if you tell them what you are looking for. You can alert your contacts either by sending private messages or via regular status updates. If you have a good reputation among friends, it will help you to find a good job too.


If you want better results in your job search efforts, you can add LinkedIn recommendations to your profile, have a keyword rich resume, actively participate in LinkedIn groups online and post a quality LinkedIn profile photo. For successful LinkedIn profile, you need to take care for its reputation, even when you are not looking for a job.

If you want to find a good job on LinkedIn, show examples of your work. It can be articles, if you are a writer or presentations. Photo if you are a photographer. The more people see examples of your work, the more trust you get.

Wishing you success in your job search, do not forget to use possibilities of social networks. Use above mentioned tips for leveraging your LinkedIn network to boost your job search.

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