Top 3 Advantages of Luxury Glass Shower Enclosures

Be it a man or a 10 year old child, everyone loves taking a shower. Whatever the reason is people love it more than taking a bath, and if you take a shower, which has a luxury glass enclosure then it is even more pleasurable and beneficial. There are many advantages of frameless shower doors or enclosures, and here we will read those benefits.

Types of Luxury Glass Shower Enclosure

Before we delve into the benefits, let us have a look at different types of framed shower doors, luxury glass shower enclosure, and shower door glass types.

Luxury Glass Shower Enclosures

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  • 90-degree shower doors – This type of enclosure comes under the frameless shower enclosures that fit perfectly in the corner of the bathroom. In this enclosure, two frameless shower doors or glasses create a 90-degree angle to the walls. Size may vary depending upon the height of the bathroom or as per the requirement.
  • Neo-angle shower doors – With a 45 degree angle, these enclosures often create a luxurious environment in the corner of the bathroom. Depending upon the budget, one can use frameless shower doors or framed shower doors to setup this enclosure.
  • Hydroslide shower doors – A perfect option of bathrooms with less space. It has a single sliding glass door that slides over a frameless panel. If required, it can be converted into a 90 degree shower enclosure as well.

Other types include are Inline shower doors, Steam shower enclosures and Semi-frameless enclosures. Let us now read the benefits of shower enclosures.

Benefits of luxury glass shower enclosure

  • Frameless shower doors are the perfect invest that lasts longer, avoiding the need for repair or re-installation for many years. Use of the metal is very less; meaning the additional cost of repair is almost negligible.
  • Get the royal feel of taking a shower. Yes, taking a shower in an enclosure gives premium feeling than taking a shower in bathroom without an enclosure.
  • Top benefit of frameless shower doors is they are easy to clean. You just need to apply TPC (Transparent polymer coating) to keep the glass clean.
  • As the use of metal is very less, there are not chances of rust. You will enjoy the enclosure for years without any fear of rust.

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