How to Make Money with Writing Articles

How to make money with writing articles? is a question whose answer is searching by many people who like to write articles on various topics. For example, the person who has good knowledge on health topics, she or he will like to write articles on those topics. Few of the people write articles and share them with other people just for the sake of sharing knowledge and information.

Sharing information is a good cause, as you are doing it free just because you love to write and share knowledge. Why not make this hobby a source to earn extra money online or a source to make money from home. You are writing because it is your hobby and people read those articles because they want to collect information about the topics they like and to resolve their problems.

How to make money with writing articles

Why you do not make it foundation to earn extra money without doing any extra effort. Yes, you can make money by writing articles and for that you do not have to do any extra efforts. You can turn your hobby into extra money earning job.

How to make money with writing articles

To make money with writing articles, you just need to know some facts that are listed below:

  • Various sites share their AdSense revenue with their writers (person who publish article on the site). Some of the sites those are best in my knowledge that share AdSense revenue with the one who publish article on the site are – and
  • Both of these sites are best in sharing AdSense revenue and one of the best ways to earn money online. These sites also pay money based on your activity status, which means if you are more active in the site you will be earning more. You can show your activity by posting more articles, replying queries of others, and posting comments on other articles that you like.
  • The only condition with and is the content must be original and genuine.
  • Make a blog or website if you want to keep your own and individual identity. After that activate AdSense and/or signup for affiliate program like Amazon. When you are building a blog make sure that you get the maximum visitors so that you can earn money online. More visitors, more page views, more clicks on ads given on blog, means more income.
  • If you are thinking that how to get visitors to blog then sites like, will be good for you because these sites allow adding referral link to your blog in the content. However, you cannot add more than 2 links in one article including Author Bio. You can also use and to refer users to your blog. All these sites are good source of getting traffic to blog or website.

These facts help you get an answer for the question how to earn money with writing articles. Except these facts, the only thing that you have to concentrate on is write quality articles, write informative articles, write keywords based articles, and write short but meaningful articles so that the reader will like to share it with his/her friends leading you to earn extra money online and to let you make money from home. Writing articles and sharing them with is the best way amid other ways to earn money.

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