Mobile Marketing – a Future of Internet Marketing

2014 has started and in the world of Internet marketing, it is being considered as year of revolution for mobile marketing. In the past year, means 2013, there was a tremendous increase in the mobile users with respect to internet use. And, in year 2014, this will be huge too.

Nowadays, people are being inclined more towards mobile technologies so that they can stay in touch with friends via apps like Whatsapp, Facebook app, etc., access emails anywhere without carrying laptop or sitting in front of a PC, shop online via mobile appls, manage bills, etc.

This interest in the mobile technology has made online marketing interesting as well and marketing agencies are looking forward to mobile advertising in year 2014 as a big boom. Many companies have already started taking help of mobile marketing. Even if you look at youtube in your mobile, you see an ad before you actually see the video. That ad in youtube is a part of mobile advertising. Like this, brands are looking forward to establish a reach among mobile internet users.

One of the examples of growing popularity of mobile internet users can be guessed from the fact “how frequently Facebook updates its app to entice users, has an app for android and iPhone users so that they can shop from their phone, and like this, major brands have their mobile apps.” All these are done to entice more customers who are more likely to use mobile applications for almost everything.

In this race of mobile marketing, the one who is able to adapt the technology will win.

Here are mobile marketing tips and tricks that might be helpful for businesses to get sales increased:

  1. Get your website designed and developed to be accessed easily on mobile phones using different operating systems including android and iPhone. This is because when you take help of mobile ad networks, they spread your site link to mobile users, and if the site does not load on mobile devices then it is waste of money and time as well.
  2. Ensure that website loads faster on mobile browsers.
  3. Ensure that the website is user friendly and supports all mobile browsers.
  4. If you are a gaming site, an ecommerce site, a social site, or any other such site then along with getting a mobile compliant site, get a mobile app developed, which is easier to download, install, and use.
  5. Take feedback from users to enhance the mobile site and mobile app.
  6. Ensure that tracking is being done correctly; it will help you to check how traffic is coming i.e. via browser or app, how people are navigating, which platform they are using more, from which country traffic is coming, etc. Use all these information to set up the next mobile marketing strategy.

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