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Professional Ebook Conversion Service or Free Ebook Converter like Calibre

Whenever it comes to choose between Professional Ebook Conversion Service and Free Converter like Calibre, an environment of debate is set up. The reason behind is many people like using Free ebook converter like Calibre while many others (especially professionals) like to go with professional ebook conversion services.

I too had difficulty choosing between these in starting days, but now I have a clear idea of which is good to go with and when.

I prefer going with professional ebook conversion services than free ebook converter like calibre.

Reasons are below:

Double Hard Work

To get the desired output, you need to work on the source document (can be PDF, html, epub etc.) that you will be importing in Calibre to get it converted into the desired output format. And, if the source document is not properly formatted, you will not be getting the desired output. Sometimes, even when the source document is perfect, output is not. Moreover, many people who want to use free ebook conversion are not good enough to use even Microsoft Word to get a perfect source document therefore, they hire someone to get MS Word formatted. So, when you have to spend money then why use Calibre or other such tool.

CSS Knowledge

Whenever the source document is imported into calibre for ebook conversion, calibre overwrites the styles applied in the document and uses its own style altering the look and feel of the final document. However, you are provided with an option to call an external CSS and manage CSS styles using Calibre built-in options, you can only use them if you are good with CSS. If you are not good with CSS then you might have to be ready with something else you want.

ebook conversion services

Hampered Images

Have you used images and tables in the source document? This is where free ebook converter may give you headache especially when the input document is PDF or HTML. Free ebook converters often convert the images and table using their techniques, which may resize the images, transform them into another format, and damage the image too.

I remember, once I was trying to convert a picture book into epub via Calibre. I supplied PDF as the source document when epub was made, maximum images were looking black.


I tell you that when I started providing my Ebook Conversion Services, I used Calibre after a lot of research on Google, but I was failed. Many of my clients were not happy, but today, I am happy and my clients are happy because I do not use Calibre or other ebook converters for ebook conversion.

Yes, I was failed because of the below reasons:

  • I converted a PDF to epub and sent to my client who had approached me via Fiverr.com. My client came back and said it has several validation issues and lulu has rejected the file with these many errors. Unfortunately, I could not find any solution within Calibre to get those issues resolved. However, I had resolved those issues after a thorough research on Google, I said no to Calibre for Ebook Conversion right away. Now, I only use it to reading and managing ebooks.
  • Rejection from Kindle. I did convert a 300+ novel into .mobi via this Calibre for another client, but again the file was rejected by Kindle. When I did search Google for the reasons, I found people saying that KDP often rejects .mobi created via Calibre, as it strips the source document from the .mobi file.

After that, I did learn creating ebooks in PDF, epub, and .MOBI formats without any ebook converter and today, I have been offering my professional ebook conversion services.

Check Out my Professional Ebook Conversion Services that I provide without using Calibre and other such tool. I have a large number of satisfied customers just because I do not rely on any free ebook converter and do it using CSS, HTML, XHTML, etc. Click here to see what my clients say about my work and how they appreciate my job.

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta is a Freelancer. He does freelancing related to Ebook Conversion, SEO, SEO Copy writing, Guest Blog Posts, and much more. He can be contacted at http://www.fiverr.com/weformat

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