Repair Corrupt InDesign File easily – Tips and Tricks

There can be a situation when you open an Adobe InDesign file and start working in it, but it gets closed unexpectedly. You again open the file but again it quits suddenly making you amazed about “What’s happening.” The problem is “the Adobe InDesign file is damaged.” Some of the elements in the file are corrupt due to which file is quitting unexpectedly. You need to Repair Corrupt InDesign file now so that you can keep working on it.

How to Repair Corrupt InDesign File easily

There are two ways to repair corrupt InDesign File, which as listed below:

Note: Before applying any of the methods given below, please create a copy of your existing file.

Free, hit and trial method

As the name suggests, you will not need any money to repair corrupt InDesign file using this method. However, this method will work only when you are able to open the file but it is closing abruptly. Let us follow the steps given below to repair corrupt InDesign file:

  1. Open the corrupt InDesign file.
  2. Select File > Export.
  3. Select a location to save the file, give a name to the file, and now select .idml extension from the Format menu.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Now, open the .idml file. I hope that the file will open correctly keeping all elements intact except the corrupt one, which might have been removed or fixed automatically by InDesign.
  6. Once the IDML file is opened, click File > Save As and save the file in .INDD extension.

This is the first way to repair corrupt InDesign file. Though, this is considered a good way to repair InDesign files that can be opened but quit abruptly, you will be needing an expert software to repair badly damaged InDesign files, which you cannot even open. Or, which are not repaired using the method described below. In this situation, you will need the second method.

Use Stellar Adobe InDesign Repair Software for Mac

Stellar Adobe InDesign Software is the only software designed and developed, so far, to repair corrupt InDesign file.

Repair Corrupt InDesign File

The software has the following features:

  • Can repair badly damaged InDesign files.
  • Repairs the files while keeping everything intact as in the original file.
  • Provides option to browse the file or find INDD files in the hard disk.
  • Provides option to preview the repaired InDesign file than letting you save it first and then view it. To preview the file, InDesign must be installed on the Mac where you are performing the recovery.
  • Allows you to perform raw recovery, which is a great feature for severally damaged INDD files. During the Preview phase, if you feel that design elements are not intact then you can choose the raw recovery, which gives you all data back ensuring that you at least do not face data loss, as recreating data is the most difficult task.
  • It can be installed on Max OS X – 10.6 Snow Leopard and above versions.
  • It supports Adobe InDesign CS5.5, 6, and CC.

One of the best things about Stellar Adobe InDesign Repair Software for Mac is it is provided free for a Trial. Using the Free version, you can ensure if the file can be repaired and recovered. After running the trial version, you can preview the file, and if you feel that the result is good then you can Buy Stellar Adobe InDesign Repair Software for Mac to repair corrupt InDesign file.

Click here to Download the Trial version of Stellar Adobe InDesign Repair Software for Mac and repair corrupt InDesign file right now.

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