Revealing the Fact Why Google Loves Original Content

Nobody can deny the fact that Google is the king of search engines. And every web master must consent the fact that he first optimizes a website for Google than any other search engine. Why, every webmaster or SEO first looks for Google when there are many other search engines available? What is making Google a leader of the search market?

The reason behind the success of Google is its search results. You might have noticed that search results of this search engine are much better than other search engines. In what terms we say the Google’s search results are better. Don’t you know that? Okay! Do you want to know that? Here, is the answer:

  • Original content
  • Quality of the content
  • Less or no spamming with keywords

These are the reasons that make search results of the Google search engine best from other search engines. Now, you might have understood why Google loves original content. Let us conclude the exact meaning of original content and quality rich content. What in eyes of Google is original? Something that cannot be seen anywhere else is called original. But in terms of Google original content is something more than it. Let me tell you this with an example.

There are 100000s of articles, blogs, and posts are written on a single keyword, but Google brings only 10 at the first page. It may happen that 80% of these articles, blogs, and posts are original, in other words, unique then Why Google does not give importance to all except a few ones (I am talking about those that appear at first page).

Google loves original content but only when it has quality too, it is information rich, and it is not forcefully stuffed with keywords. While liking the original content, Google looks for a blend of these three things before bringing any website at top and the websites that meet the Google’s search criteria come at top. This is the definition of original content for Google.

** Keep writing original, information rich, and optimized content if you want to see your website at first page.

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