Revealing the Power of Article Syndication

Article marketing has always been the best way to drag quality traffic to a website, if article is written in an inviting manner with right keywords used in a proper manner. Businesses prefer article marketing over other ways of internet marketing because of the impact it puts on businesses at low cost.

So far, writing articles, submitting them to company website, company blog, and article directories have been taken into the consideration as article marketing, but now the trend has been changing. Today, article marketing experts have taken article syndication to top social media websites as another powerful article marketing strategy. 

How article syndication to social media works?

Article syndication is very influential if done in a correct manner. What all you need to do is join top social media websites having impact in the social world; for example, Linkedin, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, and so on. After joining the top social media website when you share your articles with people in your network, they will read them, and if your article has an engagement power then readers will not only read the full article but also like it, comment on it, and syndicate it in their networks.

Now, you can imagine the impact of article syndication. When a person in your network syndicates your posts in his/her network then it reaches to a wide audience. Like this, the article syndication works and you get healthy web traffic.

Let us understand this with a mathematical figure:

You have joined five social media websites. In each website, you have 500 people in the network i.e. total of 2500 people. You syndicate an article to all those websites i.e. with 2500 people and out of those 500 read the article i.e. you get 500 clicks to the article, which means 500 visitors to your website. Now, out of those 500, suppose 20 people like the article and out of those 5 share the same in their networks. What does it mean? It means article is syndicated again, which simply means more traffic to your website; however, the traffic will completely depend on the network of person who has syndicated it.  

Important tips to make article syndication a successful part of article marketing

Joining the social media websites will not provide you winning results. To get the results that may keep your eyes open for a while, you must undertake the following tips:

  • Be active in social media websites you are a part of.
  • Before you start sharing your articles at social media websites, show interest in what others are sharing to you; for example, read updates of others, comment on the updates, and then only you should share something in your network. People in your network will show interest in your posts only when you show interest in their posts.
  • Try to check all of your social media accounts at least once a day and show that you are alive. Never login to your account to just post your updates and then logout, if you do this, people in your network will start losing interest in your posts, as you are not engaging with them.
  • Join groups matching your business in social media websites and syndicate articles to those groups.

These are few tips that if considered, you will definitely prove article syndication as the best part of article marketing.

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