Review of Google Docs – Is it a Good Platform for you to Start

Being a SEO content writer and Technical writer, I often need to create and share documents with my clients. And in this Google Docs has helped me a lot. It is an outstanding collaborative package to produce and share word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations online. Here, in this article, I am going to give a review of Google Docs in which I list the advantages and disadvantages of Google Docs.


  • Absolutely free source for developing word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • I often need to write SEO articles for my clients and same need to be shared with them. Google Docs has provided me the platform where I can work online and share the same with my clients in real time i.e. while I am working on a document; my client can view the same and guide me at any point if I am not doing as per his guidelines.
  • I often need to work from multiple places and obviously I cannot carry my documents all the time with me wherever I am going. But, now I can anytime create or edit an existing document from anywhere and anytime I want. I just need an Internet connection for this.
  • It is a good source of online backup for me. When I created an account to use Google Docs, I have been provided free space of 1024 MB to store my documents, which is a great storage limit for me. My documents on the server of Google are safer than at my computer’s hard disk drive.
  • I can access my client details, payment details, and work status from anywhere and anytime I need it.

Google Docs has provided me the security to keep my documents private to me. However, it also provides the facility to share documents with specific users or with anyone on the Internet. Using the security features of Google Docs is all up to me.


  • Features are quite less in comparison to the Microsoft Office Package. Whether I use Google Word, Google Excel, or Google PowerPoint, I need to compromise with the features in Google Docs.
  • Speed of your work completely depends on the Internet connection. If you are running on the slow Internet connection then Google Docs may not be a good application for you.

Disadvantages of this package from Google are quite less in comparison to its advantages. And in fact, we should not look after its disadvantages because it is a freeware for which we are not been charged, not even a single penny. For me, Google Docs is an absolute collaborative cloud computing environment where I can create and share document with anyone I want.

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