Review of Twuffer – A Tool to Tweet Later

This post is a review of Twuffer – a tool to tweet later. And, if you are looking for such a tool using which you can schedule tweets than this is the tool you need.

Twuffer is the best twitter scheduler I have ever come across. This online tool is designed to help twitter users to tweet later, tweet in future, and schedule future tweets. We would like to recognize this tool as Future Twitter, because it helps scheduling tweets to post in future. This tool can be used by any Twitter user to create a list of the future tweets and schedule them. Depending on the schedule set by the users, the Twuffer will post their tweets in Twitter.

Software Features – a quick look

  • Absolutely free to use.
  • No registration, directly access with the Twitter login ID and password. Simply click the Sign in with Twitter button, authorize the application to access your Twitter account, and get ready to schedule tweets.
  • No need to download; simply use it online.
  • Outstanding graphical user interface; user interface of this twitter Scheduler is easy to understand and use.
  • Stuffed with various tabs for easy navigation to the dashboard, scheduled tweets, sent tweets, failed tweets, and user account settings.
  • You can select date and time to schedule tweet as per your convenience and the software will tweet later on depending on the scheduled time.
  • Quick access to date and time applet to help configuring future tweets.
  • Clear information on scheduled tweets and sent tweets.
  • Helps tweeting when you are sleeping.
  • Helps increasing business even when you are not manually tweeting.

Have a look at the working of Twuffer in this Review of Twuffer

After you have authorized Twuffer to access your Twitter account, you are ready to schedule tweets with it. You just have to execute the following steps to tweet later with Twuffer:

Step 1: Type your message in the Type your Tweet box.

Step 2: Select date and time.

Step 3: Click the Schedule Tweet button.

You are done with the tweets scheduling with Twuffer – a future twitter. Depending on the scheduled date and time, Twuffer will tweet the scheduled tweets. I have been using this tool to post Tweets on Twitter when I am sleeping. I really like this tool. And, hope this Review of Twuffer will help you too. Kindly share your feedback by writing a comment.

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