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Bus booking procedure and travelling was never so easy and convenient but Shofur has made it super-simple. After using it, you may never going to try any other website for bus reservations because this is simply the best. The buses are really nice and comfortable and they make the entire travel so convenient. It is highly recommended to try this service once.

Shogur Bus Service

One of the best parts about Shofur is that their App is really simple to use and the prices of tickets are really affordable, compared to other competitive bus services. They also offer free tickets, discount promo codes and deals on multiple bookings and hence, this makes it an amazing platform.

When you are on a trip, you need the buses to be clean and comfortable and many companies compromise on this, but not Shofur. The buses are really clean and tidy and even have a good quality sound system. The air conditioners work perfectly and the amenities of the buses are shown directly on the app.

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Shofur Review

They are really quick in solving customer queries and providing best services. There is a bus track feature on the App with which the bus can be tracked according to its route. Once you start using this, you will immediately realize the convenience of this app, compared to other apps. The buses always arrive on time and all the staff on the bus is really helpful. The services are really worth the entire price you pay for the ticket.

The drivers are well trained, professional and drive safely. Many a times, bus drivers drive in a rash way and get into road rage, but this is not at all the case with Shofur drivers. It is a highly recommended service for those who are looking for a professional and safe bus service.

It is very easy to pay from this app as it accepts all sorts of online payments like PayPal, card payments and what is even more convenient is that you can choose the seat on which you want to sit. In case you want to change the bus timings, it is very easy to do so, without paying heavy additional charges unlike other companies where it is a huge task to have the bus timings changed. Overall, Shofur is a bus service which is worth trying as you will definitely not want to use anything else after you use this once.

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