Simple Mail Merge Tutorial

Mail Merge is a way to create a document having the same content but different recipients. For example, you often receive generalized letters from your bank, Telephone Company, etc. to let you know about latest offers. Those documents contain same content but the recipients’ details are varied. That is a result of Mail Merge. And, in this post, you will get a Simple Mail Merge tutorial.

Simple Mail Merge Tutorial

Let us execute the following steps to create Mail Merge:

Step 1: Start MS Word 2007.

Step 2: Select the Mailing tab in the Ribbon and click the Start Mail Merge option.

Step 3: Select a document type like Letters, Envelopes, Labels, etc. Now, it is the time to type the data what you want to keep similar for all recipients.

Step 4: After you have typed the information, it is the time to create recipients list.

Step 5: To create recipients list, click the Select Recipients option and select the “Type New List” option. When you select the option, the “New Address List” dialog box will open.

Step 6: Specify the recipients’ information like Title, First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, etc. To add multiple entries, click the “New Entry” button.

Step 7: Repeat the step 6 until you do not add all recipients in the list. Once the list is created, click the Save button to save the list at user-defined location on your computer’s hard disk.

Step 8: Now, it is the time to add Greeting Line. Place the mouse cursor where you want to add Greeting line and then click the Greeting Line option and specify the Greeting line.

Step 9: Another way to specify the Greeting line is type it in the document and then click the Insert Merge Field button and select the required field. For example, you can select First Name with the Greeting line like Dear Mr. ABC.

Step 10: After specifying the greeting line, place the cursor at the location where you want to add the recipients other details like address.

Step 11: After placing the cursor, select the Insert Merge Field option and select fields.

Step 12: To specify information in separate line press the ENTER key and then repeat the step 11.

Step 13: Once all required information is added, it is the time to preview Mail Merge. To preview the Mail Merge 2007, click the Preview Results button.

Step 14: While previewing the Mail Merge 2007, if you find any sort of errors, then click the Edit Recipient List option to modify the list.

Step 15: After confirming the correctness of the Mail Merge, move ahead to take printouts of the documents.

This is how Microsoft Mail Merge works. I hope this is a Simple Mail Merge tutorial that will be a big help. If yes, kindly share your feedback.

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