How to Stop Internet Fraud and Email Fraud

Where Internet is serving us with lots of benefits, such as email communication, online banking, online shopping, online bill payments, paying online premiums, online movies download, online music listening, and various other such benefits, it is also making our life difficult enough with Internet frauds, Internet Scams, and Email Scams.

Now a days, cases of Internet Fraud, Internet Scams, and at the top Email Scams are increasing furiously. Herein I put light on one of such scams called Nigerian Email Scam, which is being highlighted over almost every news channel whereas the Government has also been alerting people about this scam is pondered.

How to Stop Internet Fraud and Email Fraud

Let us see what this Nigerian Email Scam is:

  1. Most of the times when user login to his email account, he sees an email with luring subject saying that your email ID has won tempting amount of $ xxxxxx.
  2. As he sees that much of amount, he cannot stop him from opening the email and read it to the fullest, as the email is structured in more interesting and luring way.
  3. On reading the email, he comes to know that during an online email scanning or lottery, his email has won stunning prize of $ xxxxxx, which is just enough to roll his eyes and make his mouth watering.
  4. At the last of the email, he is asked to send a confirmation of the email to claim the winning prize.
  5. After that he is asked to deposit some processing fee.
  6. Once he complete depositing the processing fees he will either get no reply of that email or asked to provide his Bank Account details so that the winning amount will be directly deposited in his account.

In case, he will not get any reply after depositing the processing amount, he can be considered little bit lucky about this email scam because he has just lost limited amount yet. However, in case, he has provided Bank Account Details, then the mastermind behind that email scam will be lucky enough because now his Bank Account may be emptied.

For such masterminded persons, transferring amount from one Bank Account to their own will not be a big deal, as they are master in such activities. Therefore, while using emails never reply such emails. This type of Email scam has been increasing with viral speed because of below mentioned reasons:

Many of the people (more than 70%) do not report email scam (lodge complain about such scam), as they think that police ill make a joke of their greediness that is why scammers are getting more confident.

  1. Another reason behind increase of this type of Email scam / Internet Fraud / Internet Scam is people are not much aware about the cyber laws.
  2. Finally, every country has its own cyber laws due to which it become too difficult for cyber cell to take required action against scammer involved in Email scam. If any group of such scammers are captured then because of different cyber laws it becomes too difficult to take correct decision against them whereas the process may take significant time.

Hereby, we would like to tell that how to  stop email scam/ Internet scam. Be wise while replying any email to stop email scam. Moreover, keep your greed of money at bay and never reply such emails because this will not give anything expect loss. However, cyber cells of different countries are trying their best to put such Email scams / Internet Scams / Internet Fraud at end but you can keep you away from such scams with your wise acts only. Keep enjoying email communication but do not open / reply such luring emails.

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