Techniques to Get Website in Search Engine Results

In this post, I tell you some of the most effective techniques to get your website in search engine like Google, Bing, etc. There are several ways to get web traffic, such as email marketing, social media, and paid advertisement, but none of them can bring organic web traffic to your website.

Organic web traffic comes only through search engines based on the keywords that people use to find information. It has been noticed by web masters that the traffic that comes through search engines puts more impact on sales and business than the web traffic that comes through other methods.

Because organic web traffic is the most impacted way to increase sales, businesses always prefer this media; however, the problem to get sales through search engines is with bringing your website in search engine like Google, Bing, etc. When there are thousands of websites targeting the same keyword(s), getting your website is search engine becomes a very tough job. However, this job could be simplified if search engine guidelines are followed properly with some techniques that I am going to list hereunder.

Here are the Techniques to Get Website in Search Engine Results

  • Website Content: At the top of every technique to see website in search engine is working effectively with the website content. Be it the index page, contact us page, about us page, or other page, you must ensure that the content is original, descriptive, free of errors, and easily readable. Apart from this, you must ensure that the content is written keeping the audience in mind; For example, you run a website helping people to improve their English then you must ensure that the content written on your website is simple and grammatically correct.You should also ensure that the website content must be written in accordance to your business i.e. describing products and services you offer. If something not related to your business is provided on the website, then popularity of the site will diminish among users; hence, search engines.
  • Keywords Utilization: Whereas originality and information of website content is important for search engines, the use of keywords in the website content cannot be ignored too. Too less or too much use of keywords might put adverse impact on website ranking; hence, you cannot see your website in search engine. You shall ensure that keywords are used in a flow. Moreover, you must ensure that keywords are not used more than 2%. The best practice is to keep keyword density within 1 to 1.5%.
  • Working with Meta Tags: While some search engines give more importance to meta tags, some of them do not really consider these tags as of much importance. However, the importance of meta tags is there, either less or more. Every page in your website must contain a title tag, keyword tag, and description tag. You must use these tags appropriately, if serious about watching website in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Use only required keywords in these tags, never stuff them with additional, useless keywords. Always try to include one or maximum two keywords in the description tag and title tag.
  • Linking within the website and content: Apart from these techniques you must also ensure that linking within your website is amazing. Users shall not suffer to move from one page to another. If required, create navigation within the website content. For example, while briefing a product, you can use the Read more link at the end of the test link to help the user navigate to the page having descriptive information about the product.
  • Create Back links: For many search engines, back links are of great importance. More back links means better rank; however, this is valid only when the website has back links from high-quality websites that are related to your business. For example, you run an education site and getting links from Porn sites then it will be considered spam and for this your website could be penalized too.
  • Stop Spamming: Saving your site from being penalized and see it in search engines could be easy if you say no to spam. Promote your website through directories, forums, blog postings, comments, etc. but in a limited manner. If you break the signals then instead to get web traffic, you will lose what all you getting currently.

These are some techniques to increase search engine traffic. However, following these techniques must require patience to see results. It should not like you started following these techniques and just after a month or less, you started looking for results. It may take around 2 to 3 months to see you positive results; hence, keep patience and follow these techniques.

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