Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for Success

Email Marketing has always been considered a great program to increase sales and have more customers. However, it is not as easy as it looks because when it comes to successful email marketing then there comes many parameters that must be applied carefully to see results. Here, I am providing you Top 10 Email Marketing Tips that can help you achieve your goals.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for Success

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Tip 1: Write a Catchy Email Title

I often receive emails from several websites that I have subscribed, but even after that I do not read all emails coming into my Inbox. Reason is simple – I only open and read the emails after reading their titles. If title is appealing to me, I click it and read the email else not. Like me, other people might do the same. So, you should ensure that the title of the email that you are going to blast is attractive.   

Tip 2: Limit Email Content

There might be a few people only in this world who love to read all emails (small or large) with utmost concentration. A large number of people do not like to read emails that are too long and also not written professionally; such emails are just a chunk of words into a long paragraph. Try to avoid writing such long emails. In case, you need to write a long email then break it into small paragraphs, bullets, numbered lists, and also highlight the important words so that it builds interest to the reader.

Tip 3: Create Links in the Content

It is the most important email marketing tip from Top 10 Email Marketing tips so, read it carefully. Obviously, the purpose of email marketing is getting more users on the landing page of your website, which can be video demonstrating product, product page, or home page of the website. So, sending an email without any link in the content is USELESS. Create at least one hyperlink in each paragraph and if there are some catchy words like “Download APP for Free,” “Click to Get Your Sample Free,” etc. then create link on them. Never ever try to miss this part else you will not see good results.

Tip 4: Add only a few images, hyperlink them, and add alt text and title

Though images may help making an email newsletter look good, you shall not fill it all with images because many email clients do not load images by default. And, if the user’s internet connection is slow then it may take a longer time to load, which may irritate him as well.  So, instead of filling the newsletter with images, use your company logo and one more image, which can be related to the product or service you are promoting. That’s all. Apart from it, you should make use of Title tag and Alt tags for images, because in case, due to any reason images are not displayed, then alt text will be displayed covering the space.

Tip 5: Use a responsive newsletter theme

It is an important email marketing tip among Top 10 Email Marketing Tips; especially for the businesses that want to target gadget friendly users, which means the people who access emails on their smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, the number of people accessing emails on smartphones and tablets has been increased dramatically; hence, it is important for you to use Responsive Newsletter or Email Marketing Themes that can adjust them automatically as per the size of the device. Fixed layout themes do not work best on small screens, which may reduce the interest of the reader.

Tip 6: Always add physical address of your operating location

Nowadays, spamming has been increasing and to minimize email spamming, email clients like,, etc. have been taking extra precautions. These email clients automatically move emails, that they feel are SPAM, into the junk folder or SPAM folder. There are several factors used to identify SPAM emails and operating location of the email sender is one of those factors. If you add your operating location at the end of the email, then chances of being identified SPAM are reduced.

This was the 6th top among Top 10 Email Marketing Tips. Let us have the 7th tip.

Tip 7: Include social media icons hyperlinked to related pages

Nowadays, when social media has been taking a privilege over other marketing methods then why not use your email marketing campaign to increase your social media presence as well, and increase its visibility. Simply, add social media icons of Facebook, Twitter, etc. where you are promoting your company and provoke email reader to Join you on Social Media.

Tip 8: Unsubscribing should be easier and the option should be clearly visible

You may find this Tip look weird among Top 10 Email Marketing Tips because here I am talking about “unsubscribing than subscribing.” I can understand your condition but it is important. It may happen that a reader wants to remove its email address from your list of subscribers, and in this case, when he does not find the option to UNSUBSCRIBE easily, he may mark you as a SPAM, which is reported to his email client’s service provider. And, if number of such SPAM marks are increased then your emails are dropped into Junk or SPAM folder than Inbox. So, do not forget to add “Unsubscribe” link at the position where the reader can find it easily.

Tip 9: Only send to people who have subscribed to your newsletter

I often receive emails from the websites that I have never subscribed. Such emails irritate me and I mark them SPAM. With continuous marking as SPAM, such emails do not come in my Inbox and are automatically moved to my SPAM folder or Junk folder, which I never check. And, it means, the sender of such emails is not getting any benefit by adding me in the list. Rather, the sender is wasting time and money. So, you shall also not send email to people who have not subscribed to your newsletter else there can be a large number of SPAMs recorded against you, which is not good for a business.

Tip 10: Always send from official email address than a public domain like, etc.

10th tip among the list of Top 10 Email Marketing Tips is sending email from your official ID then using free email clients like,, etc. I never read emails that come to me from unknown people and are from public email clients. Like me, there might be people who ignore such emails even when they have subscribed the website but that website is using or to send emails.

These are the Top 10 Email Marketing Tips that you may like to consider while creating an email marketing campaign or while editing a current campaign. Apart from these Top 10 Email Marketing Tips, you should also test an email newsletter before hitting the SEND button. You should ensure that all links are created properly and email is looking good.

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