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When it comes to choose the best Content Management System (CMS) then you have two options. One is WordPressand second is Joomla. Depending upon your areas of expertise or demand of the customer, either of these two CMS can be used to develop websites or blog. While these two are different, one thing, which is common in both, is the use of Plugins (in WordPress) and extensions (in Joomla). Without Plugins / extensions, both of these CMS platforms are incomplete especially when you want to add additional functionalities to a website or a blog. In our last article, we have listed Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress. And, today we are going to take you through the Top 10 must have Joomla extensions without which you may not think to have a complete Joomla website or blog.

Top 10 must have Joomla Extensions

It is the fact that there are 1000s of extensions available for Joomla, but some of them are really important that can add functionality, beauty, and easiness to you blog / website. Here are top 10 best extensions for Joomla:

Top 10 must have Joomla Extensions

Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

It is an extension that makes the work of an admin easier by providing him / her a well-designed Joomla Content Editor that is easier and faster to use. The default Joomla editor has limited functionalities, and if you have to do extra styling, then you will have make changes through coding. But, when you have installed and activated, the Joomla Content Editor (JCE) extension then you get several feature and options that make your job easier. You can select a font, apply font size, apply style tags, include media files, import content from word doc, set font color, set background color, and a lot more.

Simple Image Gallery

It is yet another extension in the list of Top 10 must have Joomla extensions. Most of the websites / blogs love to showcase their work as an image gallery. If you also want to display an image gallery in your website or blog, then use this Simple Image Gallery extension. With this extension, you will be able to setup an image gallery of selected images in just a few steps.

SH404SEF SEO Extension for Joomla

Optimizing a website or a blog while following the guidelines of search engines like Google is must. Without optimizing a website, you cannot expect your website or blog to have thousands of visitors everyday. Whereas SEO is the basic and vital requirement for every website or blog, the bitter fact is Joomla does provide good basic facility to optimize a website. But there is no need to worry because here we have added SH404SEF extension in the list of Top 10 must have Joomla extensions. This plugin provides you several options to optimize you website with ease.

Universal Google Analytics Extension for Joomla

In the list of Top 10 Must Have Joomla Extensions, it is the most important extension because it helps you have to keep a track on your site’s visitors. Google Analytics is a free platform that provides you details, such as location of your site visitor, pages they have visited, keywords using which they have come to your site, and so on. However, to get this detail, you will have to add the Google Analytics code in your website. The Universal Google Analytics extension helps you to add the Google Analytics code in your website. It automatically inserts the code at required positions in the required file.

Akeeba Backup

Backup is important to deal with crisis that may occur due to a hacking attack or a malicious attack on your website. However, it might not be feasible for you to everyday login to hosting panel and download everything. So, to help you ensure that you have backup ready to be used at all the times, Akeeba Backup extension is there. With the help of this extension you can create either complete or selective backup of your Joomla website or blog.


Do you want to take advantage of email marketing to boost traffic on your website or blog or to increase sales? The ccNewsletter extension can help you in this task. It helps you build a strong list of email subscribers by prompting your site / blog visitors to register for your weekly newsletter. If you get 5000 visitors everyday on your website and out of those 3000 are new then you can expect almost 1000 or more new people added in your list of newsletter subscribers.

Mobile Joomla

Google has already announced that it will give preference to those websites in its search results that are ready for mobile platforms. It simply means that if you have a website or a blog that you want to see in Google Search then you will have to make sure that it is ready for Mobile phones and tablets as well. And, to help you make your Joomla site ready for Mobile phones, Mobile Joomla extension can be really helpful. You need not to learn coding to use this extension, as it will do the conversion without letting you even add a single line of code.


Forms can be as simple as a login form or a contact form with just First Name, last name, and message box. But, if you want to provide your website visitors a customized contact form or any other type of form with several fields, then use the Chronoforms extension of Joomla. You can use it for multiple purposes like contact form, login form, etc.


Are you planning to have an e-commerce website built on Joomla? If yes then the Hikashop extension in the list of Top 10 must have Joomla extensions will help you. It helps you to quickly set your website as an e-commerce platform with little efforts, and without coding. Just install and use this extension to have a beautiful e-commerce site.

Social fancy sliders

Social media is a must have requirement for every website or blog. This is the reason, you can see the Connect with uscolumn on every website followed by some of the social media icons linking to the related profiles. The Social Fancy Sliders extension helps you to easily configure social media profiles in your website or blog.

These are Top 10 must have Joomla extensions. Install, activate, and configure these extensions to have a fully-featured and beautiful website or blog built in Joomla CMS. If you want to add any more important extensions in the list, kindly share their names in the comment box.

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