Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website

When it comes to list our world’s top content management systems or platforms then probably WordPress will be listed on the top. Do you agree? But, the question is what makes it the best CMS? Is it the platform or the coding or plugins? While everything is important and cannot be neglected, the role of plugins in making WordPress the best CMS is always appreciated. There are 10000s of plugins that serve different purposes, but some of them are really awesome and must have plugins for WordPress. Some of these plugins are like the heart of every website or blog developed in this CMS.

Let us have a look at Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website

Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website

Yoast SEO

Optimization is must for every website or blog. And, if you are developer you know that doing optimization of a website or a blog built in WordPress is not easier without a plugin designed for this purpose. Say Thanks to Yoast SEO Plugin that provides an array of awesome features that make it easier to optimize every single page and post in your site or blog. Moreover, it provides several other features like Google verification, Bing verification, social media, and so on.

Google Analytics

If you want to know who has been visiting your website and from where, then you will need to include Google Analytics tracking code in your website or blog. If you are not a developer, then it can be difficult for you to insert the code by editing the php file. In such a case, the Google Analytics plugin will help you. You just need to install and activate this plugin. Once activated, put your Google Analytics code in it, and the plugin will automatically insert it at the required position.


Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies, but it works well when you send emails to those people who have subscribed to your website or blog’s newsletter. MailChimp helps you to grow your subscriber’s list, and send them a newsletter as and when you want. Have a look at this plugin that we have in our list of Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website


You know mishap can happen anytime. From mishap, I mean from a virus attack, a hacking attack, or any such heart breaking happening. To come back from such attacks, you need to ensure that you have backup of your WordPress website. BackupBuddy plugin enables you to automate backup of your website so that you are always ready to combat any mishap.

W3Total Cache

If you feel that your website is slow then you can use W3TotalCache plugin to speed it up. This plugin creates cached copies of pages of your website that are served to website visitors faster.

HeartBeat Control

If you are facing heavy load on the hosting server, then the HearBeat Control plugin can help you reduce the load on the server by reducing call to some php files that are loaded again and again with every request that is generated when a visitors comes on the website.


If you want a beautifully designed contact form having several fields then use the WPForms Plugin. This plugin in our list of Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website will provide you a stunning contact form.

Floating Social Bar

It is a must have plugin for WordPress blogs. It is must because today, social media helps getting more visitors to a blog while helping them build a brand image. With a floating social bar appearing in the left side of the post or top of the post, a user is enticed to share the post. More users will share the post, more engagement you will get.


If you have a blog, you will allow website visitors to drop their comments. However, today comments are used more for building backlinks and spamming WordPress blogs. If your blog gets more and more spam comments, it also impacts the speed and quality of your blog. To avoid comment spamming, you can use the Disqus plugin, which is the best and must have plugin in our list of Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website

Wordfence: It is an excellent plugin that helps you to bring the brute force attacks down on your website. You can configure settings to block the user and its IP address after a set number of failed login attempts. You can set it to 2 or 3 so that the hacker cannot make more attempts. Moreover, more brute force attacks also keep your server busy while reducing the site’s load speed.

So, the listed about are the handpicked Top 10 must have plugins for WordPress Blog or Website. Every one who is building a website in WordPress, must use these plugins.

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